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College Care Packages from Home

Keep them healthy and happy when they go back to college with nutritious home-cooked meals!

Ease your worries about your college student's diet by sending Homestyle Meals. 'Delicious, Nutritious, Convenience' is just what the college student needs when it comes to meals! They want it taste good, you want it to be nutritious and everyone wants convenience.

college tipsTestimonials

"Our son, who is in college, was just diagnosed with IBS, which limits the types of foods he can eat. Our concern was he wouldn't be eating complete healthy meals but thanks to MagicKitchen.com we don't have to worry about that any more. We have weekly meals being sent to him. He is enjoying all of the meals and says that they are not only health but delicious. This would make a wonderful gift for a college students, everyone enjoys a "home" cooked meal."
~Debra H.

"I've ordered twice now, both times for my daughter/son-in-law, at the end of their hectic semesters in grad school far away from home cooking. Both times, they reported that it saved them, as they hadn't had time to shop or cook. I have to know they are eating well in the midst of all their hard work. "
~Kim S.

"I placed 2 orders from your company for my 2 college boys. I was feeling like they were not eating as well as they should and needed items that could be made easily. I also have one son now who has decided to eat vegetarian. Your food worked very well for both of my boys. They have so far loved all the food they have tried and the only one complaint I heard was that they would have loved a larger portion. I will keep this in mind when I order again. Thanks again!"
~Jackie T

"These meals were ordered for my son. He is a picky eater, but said he really liked them and they were convenient. He wants me to order them again."
~Bonnie S.

Send your college student this Guide to Student Wellness.

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Beef Ribeye Steak  Shrimp Fettuccini  Baby Back Ribs  Cheese Tortellini

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As a college student, there might not be enough time in the day to dedicate to healthy eating. Often times they might look to fast food and other unhealthy snacks. With these meal packages, the college student in your life can focus more on their academics rather than figuring out where and when they can get their next meal.

MagicKitchen.com offers a wide variety of single-serving, microwavable, great tasting meals to keep your college student healthy and on track.  Delicious meals choices that every college student will love include Braised Beef, Chicken Parmigiana & Shrimp Fettuccini.  MagicKitchen.com is the perfect choice to keep your college students happy, healthy & focused.  These gifts arrive without labeling, so you may decide to pick a get well meal, for instance, but the recipient will not see that description.