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Have you ever considered trying home delivered meals? How many times have you decided to just make do with a sandwich or snack because you can't be bothered to mess about preparing yourself a meal? The chopping and peeling, the stirring and mashing, all that time and energy just for one meal. Meals home delivered make your life tastier and give you time with your family.

MagicKitchen.com's home delivered meals make life easier. We deliver right to your door; great quick and easy fully prepared meals that will save you time and that your whole family will love. Delicious, nutritious, convenient meals ready to eat in minutes! Visit our testimonials page!
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Home Delivered Meals Have Never Tasted So Good

food pictureMost everyone has heard of Meals on Wheels.  For seniors and the homebound, these pre-cooked and home delivered meals can be the perfect answer.  Yes, they’re easy.  Yes, they’re usually cost effective.  But the best tasting meal you’ve ever had?  Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong – Meals on Wheels is a great program and it definitely serves its purpose and its target audience.  But if you’re a senior, a busy professional or a soccer mom looking for a chef-prepared meal that’s both delicious and nutritious, you might want to look for another option for home delivered meals.

Magickitchen.com is a great solution for many people of all ages and lifestyles.   Whether you’re a senior or part of a busy family, it’s nice to know that you can get a meal that’s as easy as it is healthy.  

Picture a chef creating a fabulous meal that is then frozen and delivered to your door.  Not only can you avoid having to eat a serving of liver or ham loaf just because it’s the meal of the day – you can pick and choose whatever you want whenever you want it.  Besides, at Magickitchen.com, most of those choices are natural or organic.  From the fruits and vegetables to the grass-fed beef, they use organic and natural ingredients wherever possible to ensure a meal that’s high in nutrients and low in all those pesticides and additives that none of us really want in our food.

Seniors who can’t get out to the grocery store or stand for long periods of time in the kitchen will appreciate the ease of delivery and cooking.  Just pop it in the microwave or oven for a meal that tastes like you made it yourself.  And the texture is just like a real meal –because it is one.

But you don’t have to be over 55 to enjoy these meals.  They’re great for a busy family looking for something better – and better for you – than fast food.  When all you have to do is heat and serve, you don’t have to worry that your family will get bored and ravenous waiting for dinner to be ready.  That’s often the problem.  Home-cooked meals take too long to prepare after a day of school and activities, so it’s easy to give in and order a pizza or swing through a drive-thru rather than listen to whining kids and growling stomachs.  Who’d have thought you could feed the family organic and nutritious foods that they actually like, so quickly and easily?

If you’re neither a senior nor a busy parent, don’t despair – there are meals for you too!  Magickitchen.com offers dinners for a variety of special needs – diabetics, those on a renal diet, people looking for portion control, offered in family-sized meals or dinners for one.

If you like “fast” food in healthy packages, this is just what you’re looking for.  Don’t be afraid to clean your plate. Our Home Delivered meals are so delicious, that will never be a problem.


Food Delivery for New Moms

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New moms rejoice! Since we started, we've always offered food delivery for new moms. Our customers love it, and new moms adore it. All the new mom has to do is accept the cooler and put the meals in the freezer. Then in the morning she can pull out a meal, let it defrost, and at any moment during the day that she has a moment, she can quickly heat and eat the healthy, delicious meals.

Food delivery for new moms meals are made without preservatives, and are like meals she would make at home. Originally our business was started to offer healthy nutritious, simple meals for seniors, busy families and singles that did not want to cook, did not have the time to cook or did not know how to cook. But we were quickly singled out by new moms, who love the meals and the convenience!