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Bereavement Meals

Show the grieving family you care by sending a sympathy gift of bereavement meals. Families often can't cope with preparing meals when they are grieving the loss of a family member. MagicKitchen.com Bereavement Meals help.

Here are two of our more popular bereavement meals:

Sympathy Gift Package -meals ready in 5 minutes

Comfort Meal Bundle -meals ready in 5 minutes.

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"We used your service to send meals to a family who lost a loved one and were so excited to be able to do something special for them at such a stressful time. It is so good to be able to send something so comforting that can be used on their own schedule or kept frozen for later. Thank you again for the great customer service! It was fast and easy!"
~Cheryl B.

Help Out in a Time of Need with Bereavement Meals
When someone close to you has a family member or friend pass away, there’s a good chance you struggle with how to help.

Do you send a card, stop by their house, or give them a call? It’s hard to know what to say and how you can help because everyone grieves the passing of a loved one in different ways. Some people pass away after a life well-lived, and for others, their time is cut short.

When you want to help someone grieving the passing of a loved one, grief counselors recommend taking the initiative to handle day-to-day needs like housekeeping, grocery shopping, childcare, pet care, and helping out with funeral arrangements and other details as needed.

But if you can’t be there because of time or distance, then what? Send bereavement meals from MagicKitchen.com. Things like funeral arrangements, will and estate issues, and visitors coming from out of town can overshadow the need for healthy meals during this time. 

You can place an order for MagicKitchen.com meals you know your family member of friend will enjoy and have it shipped directly to them. It’s a great way to let them know you care, want to help out, and support them through the grieving process.

When they receive the bereavement meals, you’ll be lifting their burden by eliminating the worry about what to eat and giving them healthy options made from fresh ingredients to choose from. And there won’t be any fuss, mess, or headaches in the kitchen for them to worry about. MagicKitchen.com meals are stored in the freezer and only take a few minutes in the microwave to prepare.

When someone you know is grieving, it’s important to let them know you care and are available to talk. But being supportive when someone you care about is mourning the loss of a loved one doesn’t have to stop there. Send the ones you care about bereavement meals from MagicKitchen.com, and you’ll lift their spirits when they need it most.

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