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Diet Plans, Weight Loss Plans Delivered

Eat healthy, and enjoy dinner at home with chef-prepared diet meals delivered nationwide! If you're frustrated in playing the weight loss game, it's time to shake up your diet. After all, weight loss isn't your primary goal, your good health is!

MagicKitchen.com's Complete Meals are the answer. Delicious full meals that are low carb and strictly portion controlled. The meals are nutritionist designed and are based on 1/3 of the daily requirement for the 2000 calorie diet.

If you're watching your weight, trying to lose weight or just eating healthier, these are the meals for you. Try our meal programs the most cost effective way - select 2 meal packs (14 meals) and use the promo code twopack at checkout. The order will be specially priced at $115 plus delivery for 14 meals, a $15 saving.

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MagicKitchen.com for Nutritious, Delicious Convenience!

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