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Ready-Made Meals from MagicKitchen.com

Let MagicKitchen.com help you in the kitchen! Ready made meals from MagicKitchen.com will add more time to your busy day!

Our special packaging goes straight from the freezer into your microwave or oven, then onto your dinner table. After eating, it simply goes straight into the trash - no pots and pans to clean! It doesn’t get any easier than that (or any better tasting!). Check back often, or let us customize a meal plan for you or your elderly relatives. We update our dishes quarterly, so there are always new meals to try.

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My husband and I needed a break - after working until 6 each night, we needed a way to make a fast, healthy meal (and the "bag" meals we had been preparing were pretty fast, but not healthy at all). We've now used MagicKitchen.com for 2 weeks and so far we're delighted! The worst of the meals is pretty good and a few have been outstanding. Customer service has been fast and helpful and the meals are delivered frozen and fast. Not much to complain about!
~ N. McBee

MagicKitchen you are the best. My meals are fresh, healthy and great tasting. What more can you ask for in a meal that you just put in the microwave for 4-5 minutes and as you said it tastes as if your chefs had just prepared it. LOVE AT FIRST BITE..THANKS
~Moiras S.

I lead a busy life and don't always have the time (or energy) to cook a meal. MagicKitchen has been a lifesaver. I can enjoy a gourmet "home cooked" meal even when I'm on the run and the single serve options mean I can make just enough for one. Can't wait to try more new recipes!
~Laura T