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MagicKitchen.com Group Gift Certificates; Special Events

When you purchase a MagicKitchen.com Group Gift Certificate, we will create a page like this sample below for your group. This is a sample based on a neighborhood party that was thrown by some of our customers for a neighbor who was turning 90 years old.

special events sample

Here is how the MagicKitchen.com Gift Certificates work:

One person calls us to create a Master Gift Certificate. Everyone can contribute, and we will add new amounts to the master certificate!

To add new amounts to the certificate, people simply buy a gift certificate in any amount they wish, and fill out the section on the gift certificate form that says: "Please add to group Gift for" with the name of the recipient(s).


Then add to cart and complete the purchase. We add the amount to the master, and the recipient can at any time review how much they have in the bank, as well as seeing the comments people made and who each gift is from.

Then your recipient can order the meals they like, and the gift certificate will also pay for shipping!