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We ordered several meals for my sister-in-law who is dealing with cancer. She has tried the Salmon Caponata and the Creamy Tarragon Mahi. Both were delicious. She can't wait to try the others.
~Marilyn B.

I am continuously pleased with the selection of meal plans and individual meals. provides a large variety of special diet meals that cannot be found anywhere else online.
~Barry G.


The low sodium meals and diabetic low sugar meals really help me keep my numbers in line. I enjoy every bite.
~ Robert Jones, Jr.

So glad I found you!  My 90 year old father, who is on dialysis, loves your food!

My mother recently underwent a minor medical procedure that left her temporarily unable to prepare meals for herself. I ordered several special dietary meal packages from Magic Kitchen. My mother was overjoyed with the quality and selection. Not one complaint. Her meal packages were always delivered promptly.
~Kenneth G.

With monitoring my intake, doing the portion controlled meals from and working out regularly I have lost 20 lbs in last 4 months. Yay!
~Deanna L.

Low-sodium food was delicious. I really enjoyed all the meals and so many choices. Food was packaged very well. Thank you.
~Roberta M.

 I bought these for my Mom and she is enjoying them for portion size, flavor and ease of warming up. She hasn't tried all of them yet but I will see what she likes and order more as her diet allows. I like how you can cater to the date I need them delivered to my Mom. I hope to continue you use your services.
~Tish Dwyer

I order food for my mom. There is not a dish she doesn't like. Her favorite is the Manicotti!!
~Deb K.

The variety of your menus continues to amaze me. Every time I order, there are new combinations of meals. And the delivery is very swift and well done!
~Ruth S.

I have been ordering the renal meals for about 6 weeks, I have lost 12 lb, feel great! My Dr .said my labs look better .
~Connie P.

Since I have been eating your dinners I have had no problem with my GERD, and I do attribute that to your dinners. As a recipient of these meals, I must say they are truly quite tasty and very filling.
~Pauline A.

I look forward to all my delicious meals, even my guest enjoys my renal diet!
~Miriam D.

My son really likes these breakfast meals. The next order will be the third one. They are very convenient especially when the weather is bad and he can't get out.
~Bonnie A.

I have been looking for a healthy portioned meal to assist me in my weight loss goal. I find that has excellent healthy foods to assist me in my weight loss Journey. The meals are well proportioned and taste excellent.
~Gina P.

Thank you! I live in CA and Mom lives in NJ. I love knowing I can provide her with yummy meals that support her specific needs and on a budget. She loves trying the new items and loves relying on her old favorites, spaghetti and meatballs! This service has been a blessing to our family...thanks and keep up the great work! We will be sure to pass the word on.
~Holly B.

This is truly a godsend for a renal patient. The meals are so convenient and delicious. Thank you for making mealtime uncomplicated!!!
~Beth T

You continue to please me with your great meal selection and on time delivery. I have tried your Renal meals as well as some low sodium and others. I am still an avid fan of
~Barry G.

I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and found on the web. The entrées were all excellent!
~Walter C.

My husband really enjoys your renal meals. What a convenience to have his dietary needs met and a pleasure for him that the meals are so tasty. Delicious!
~Mary M.
I love the convenience and taste of the meals and am so comfortable that they meet my daughter's dietary restrictions. Thank you!
~Melissa M.
The meals are fantastic. I order these for my mom, she is on dialysis and has diabetes and congestive heart failure . So she can't cook for herself and know every ingredient that goes into her meal planning without making her sick. Thank you for making meals for patients on dialysis. My mom can finally eat without being scared of eating the wrong food.
~Olga H.
The food is uniformly good. What's more important it meets my dietary needs and caters to my diabetes, low sodium and renal diet.
Benjamin B.
Just finishing my first order. Meals are good. I add my own quick salad or homemade soup to the meal. Its my husband who has to have the renal diet but I order the same and eat with him. Formerly we ate many meals out or did take-out. Because of high salt in restaurant menus--that option is no longer available. has saved my sanity!
~ Susan B.

I need to lower my salt and potassium intake, and your renal diet meal was just what the doctor ordered! Since I am not a good cook, The prepared meals are so tasty and easy to cook. I definitely will continue to order meals from Thank you for making my life easier and healthier.
~Ernest B.
The renal diet meals I have tried so far have been great, and they meet my kidney disease requirements in terms of potassium and salt limits. And they taste great, too. Thank you for solving a dilemma for me. I will definitely continue to order more meals.
~Ernest B.

So far the meals have been great! I haven't had chance to eat all 10 meals yet but I'm sure I'll be ordering more meals again. The meals were very tasty for being meals for people with kidney problems.
~Fred V.

My parents are extremely pleased with the meals, very tasty and no mess cleanup! The low sodium keeps my mother on her medically necessary diet. Thank you so much for providing this service.
~Debbie R.

Purchased the MagicKitchen low-sodium individual meals for my 90-year old mom who was recently put on a low salt diet to eliminate swelling in her legs. She likes these meals and they are as easy to prepare as a traditional TV dinner in the microwave, but taste a great deal better. Mom even commented: "Hey, this is no ordinary TV dinner". Very pleased and highly recommend.
~Barry R.

I was amazed at not only how tasty each meal was, but how filling. I've been on a "brand-name" diet system, but needed a break from their processed foods. Your meals were nutritionally comparable or better, and head & shoulders above in taste! I'm looking forward to placing another order soon!
~Carol B.

These meals have made it so much easier to adjust to a diabetic diet plan! I was worried I'd be doomed to eating bland food, but these meals are delicious and filling. My son talks about how good the food smells and he wants to try them. I'm very happy with all the meals. I'm especially glad for the breakfast package.
~Linda H.

My father has kidney disease and is a diabetic. He has tried to make meals for himself but realistically he does not have the patience or the knowledge to create healthy meals for himself. Purchasing all his, breakfasts, lunches and dinners through has been the best thing for him and me. I no longer have to worry if what he is eating is good for him; now I know it is.

Life is hectic enough and with meals from, I now have one less thing to be concerned about. Thank you!
~Chris L.

Renal diet meals -- My husband was recently diagnosed with ckd and these meals are wonderful. They're so easy for him to take to work and they taste delicious!
~Mary D.

Having used other online prepared food sites for dieting, I must say that is the BEST. The deliveries are as promised and well packed. The meals are surprisingly tasty and very well presented. Being on the Renal Diet and having these meals available is very important to me.
~Barry G.

I love the bbq beef brisket and the chile colorado. These dishes are very tasty. This is the second time I have tried them. I also love the meat loaf and the charbroiled steak patty. It is also good to know that such tasty dishes are also healthy for me!
~Sylvia V.

My dad is 93 and has congestive heart failure. it has been so wonderful to have great low sodium meals for him and my mom who is 94 can give him without worrying on what to prepare for him since he is on 1500 mg of sodium a day. Thank you so much for helping us and having these wonderful meals with all the info we need on them as well!
~Nancy F.

It is a great help for us in sunny Florida where the weather is hot all the time and cooking is taxing. These meals are helping me enjoy life and not worry about cooking. The special menus are helpful keeping up with my doctors order to control my diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) that I was diagnosed recently. My wife thanked me to relieve her not to labor in the kitchen daily. Great variety of dishes so dieting not ending up being bland and boring. I especially like the chicken dishes, one of my favorite is chicken marsala, it has a homemade flavor with lots of mushroom in the delicate wine sauce, just the way I like it. Yeah, supermarkets offer similar food but those foods also contain a lot of salt, MSG, and other ingredients that can be harmful. Thank goodness for MK special diet menus, I can avoid all these harmful ingredients and keep up with my goals without sacrificing flavor.
The meal package is perfectly packed with dry ice, so I don't need to worry about getting spoiled food, even if I play golf, I do not need to rush home to unpack.
I particularly like the seasonal special offers, a good time to stock up, what a great way to appreciate customers.
~Zoltan B.

I bought these for my dad who is on a restricted salt diet and he seems to really enjoy them. They are also very appealing to the eye, look fresh and fast frozen. I will be ordering again.

The foods are awesome! I have not had one yet that I did not like! I love the ease of managing my diabetes by just pulling a dish from the freezer!! I'm going to try the breakfasts next!
~Marilyn J.

I bought these as a mothers day gift for my mom who is a diabetic. She really liked them!
~Judy G.

Wow! Fabulous food. I love the portion sizes and the food quality is Outstanding! These meals are far better then anything you can get in the frozen food department in the stores. These foods are worth the price to pay. Also, I am trying to lose weight so I purchased the meals for those trying to lose weight. They supplied me with meals that only have 2,000 calories a day. It has really helped me to lose the weight and feel full at the same time. Thank you.
~Susan P.

I have been ordering the portion-controlled meals. They are a great alternative to the ones available at the grocery store. They are low in sodium, and you can add your own seasonings if you wish. The variety available is very good. Each entree is usually served with two servings of vegetables, which makes the meals more healthy. I appreciate the convenience of having these meals as healthy lunches for work.
Sylvia V.

My wife and I began purchasing the diabetic friendly meal packs for her mother. Since she began eating these meals her insulin doses have been reduced 50%. She enjoys all of the meals.
~ Dale S.

I bought the meals for my mother because she is not able to prepare food. She was surprised at how good they were especially the breakfast meals. She looks forward to her next order.
~M. Boyce

Meals are great and they were delivered on time and in great shape. They are much better than any I've bought in stores.
~Hansel H.

I ordered a lot of the low carb, low sodium things as well as a complete nutrition meal pack. The foods that I've tried have been amazing. The delivery was fast, and I will be ordering again, as soon as I'm finished with the current order! Thank you for making this easier for me to lose weight for an upcoming surgery without having to make my kids or husband eat low carb and low sodium meals!
~Karlin B.

The meals have been a life saver for my Dad. You are providing a great service!!!
~Sheila M.

My niece is a VAD patient and on a low sodium diet. Your meals have made things so much easier for her as she has had many adjustments to make. Thanks for your help.
Donna A.

I have been nothing but pleased with everything I've tried from so far - I'm currently enjoying the diabetic-friendly meals and they're awesome! Would love to have the budget to order more often but for now I'll enjoy each morsel as often as possible!

My dad and I purchased these meals for my mom who is diabetic. They are convenient and my mom says they are tasty.
~Joseph B.

The low sodium meal plan is working out great. My blood pressure and weight is dropping. My taste buds, and doctor thank you!
~Craig L.

This was my first order and I'm not disappointed. The two meals I have eaten so far were excellent!! I definitely will order again, and tell my diabetic and senior citizen friends about your program!
~ Anna B.

Your renal diet meals for my husband have saved my sanity. He enjoys them a lot.
~Sue P.

I'm the primary caregiver for my 89 yr old uncle who has Alzheimers. is an integral part of supporting me in caring for the both of us. The time it saves me in preparing a meal for the both of us is a God send. We love the Eggplant Parmigiana and Stuffed Peppers the best. In fact I'm overdue in ordering more. I usually buy enough to supplement our menu for about three to six months.We love the senior meals for our father. He doesn't stop talking about how delicious and wonderful they are. They are the perfect size portion for him. He actually looks forward to dinner every single day.
~Gail F.

I want to say that I have been ordering the dialysis prepared meals and they are very good and also have helped with the stress of trying to figure out how and what to cook for my diet.. My labs have also improved since eating these meals. Thank You! ~Cindy diabetic friendly meals are just what the doctor ordered. They are nourishing, tasty and priced right. Thank you for making life a little easier.
~Roger I.

I purchase these wonderful dinners for my dad. He is 84years old a diabetic and needs to have low sodium foods because of a heart condition . He enjoys these diabetic meals very much. These meals it very easy for him to stick to a good diet. It has made his life and my much easier.
Thank you~Lyunn L.

With so many low sodium, diabetes-friendly meals to choose from, my special needs friend has never eaten better! Before her stroke, she prepared her own meals but did not look forward to mealtime. Now she is eating better—and enjoying it more—in spite of her physical limitations. Thank you!~ Bob B

I have eaten three of my first meals. At first sight of each meal I think "That isn't enough to fill me up". Each time I was wrong. I was really satisfied with each meal and was completely filled up. I have been able to control my up and down weight and hold it at an even 148 lbs. Thank you
~Tommie K

The meals are really good. I enjoyed them very much and they are filling. I started them because my bloodwork showed me being on the verge of dialysis and now I am doing much better.Thank You!

I ordered the diabetic breakfasts for my 81 year old mother. She lives alone and routinely ate cold cereal for breakfast. When she tired of this, she often only had a cup of coffee. She loves these breakfasts and looks forward to them. I no longer worry about her eating well in the morning. Thank you!
~Rhonda T.

I first ordered meals from for my dad two months ago. He is a stage 4 cancer survivor and in need of a healthy meal delivery program that is easy to prepare. Dad is enjoying these meals and has nothing but positive feedback from the ease of prep and clean up to the taste of each meal. has been a a true success story for our family.
~Tonya H.

I received food from the dialysis menu. It was good. Never found any other site that caters to my situation. Cooking special menus for One is not easy. So Thank You.....will be ordering more and sharing site with other patients.
~Pam L

I purchased the #4 Diabetic Low Sodium meal pack for my mother. She has loved every meal and raves about the quality of flavor. She cannot believe foods low in salt that meet her diabetic needs can taste good. The cost of the meal packs are great. There are often discounts offered that save money. And honestly, if the ingredients were purchased to make these meals, the cost would far exceed the amount to order the meals. It's win win for my mom! Thanks to for providing a great service to those with special health needs.
~Kerry M.

Just tried the pork chop/rice/green bean diabetic was good! Still had flavor even though very low in sodium. And it was a decent amount of food. I put it on a regular plate to make it more like a nice meal. Can't wait to try some of the other dinners. Better quality than the frozen dinners at the the tex-Mex is a really great change up, and it tastes great and filling.
Lori M.

Finding already-prepared meals for a wheelchair-bound loved one who has both diabetes and high blood pressure was a significant challenge. Thank goodness for's diabetic-friendly, low-sodium meals. These tasty, healthy meals of generous portions fit the bill perfectly!
~Robert B

My mom has been diabetic for years, but recently found her sugar and sodium unmanageable. She lives on her own and has a difficult time preparing meals for 1 that meet her dietary needs. I found MagicKitchen and decided to order it for her. She loves the different meals and they have reduced her stress as well. She doesn't have to try and figure out what she can and can't eat. She adds a small salad or piece of whole grain bread and is completely satisfied. Her sugar and sodium are down and more consistent now. Great products!!!!
~Kerri M.

I order the renal diet meals for my Mother. She and I both have been pleased overall with the meals. The portions are just right for the renal diet. She does not eat them every night because family members nearby also cook for her and she does go out. However, when she does not go out these meals have been a blessing for her! It is peace of mind for me too knowing she is getting good nutrition when we are not around! So far we have ordered on two different occasions and plan to continue!
~Janet D. food comes so nicely packaged to your home with labels and easy to follow directions. The food is just splendid and is a real life saver for folks who just don't have the time to make a good meal all the time. The meals are tasty, well portioned and you're sure to find a meal that meets all palates!
~Paul T.

Trying to create a kidney-friendly diet is tough. You have to read every label AND you have to cut out some of your favorite foods. These meals make it easy to stay on track. They're filling and they taste good.
~Lori P
My husband recently started dialysis treatments. To say meal planning was overwhelming is an understatement. I also had planned a trip and would be gone for 10 days. I found meals on line and it truly saved the day! The meals we delivered on time; were well packaged and still frozen. The meals were delicious and well balanced. Thanks MK for making our lives easier.
~Sheila S.
I absolutely love! My father is a diabetic and lives alone. helps me ensure he has healthy diabetic prepared meals and the convenience of shipping those meals right to his door is awesome!
~Sevalia J
The Diabetic-Friendly, Low-Sodium meals are fantastic! I know of no other source that offers tasty, easy-to-prepare meals for those with special dietary needs. I highly recommend!
~Bob B
Purchased this product for the first time recently. Could not be happier with the quality. My father is diabetic and these meals provide healthy nutrition, quick and easy and he enjoys them very much. You have a customer for a long time. Thank you!
~Susan O
In my family there are 3 family members that need reduced salt and diabetic meals. We eat the meals at least 5 times a week. They are economical, tasty and very healthy - the only veggie we don't like is the greens... the rest are very good.
~Myrlee W.
We purchased a week's worth of meals for my uncle who lives in Michigan. He's VERY health conscious at 84 years young. He's a loyal Healthy Choice eater - every night. He was skeptical and hesitant at first when he received his order. Once he pulled the first one out of the freezer, he checked out the nutrition label - it passed his scrupulous examination, he popped it in the microwave, and LOVED it! He raved about each meal he had that week. Every night when we called to him, it was the first thing he talked about. I'm getting ready to order his Birthday meals now. You've just acquired your most difficult to win over fan!
~ Jane P
I recently ordered seven meals from the low sodium/diabetic menu. Each meal was delicious and healthy. I would greatly recommend these meals to a family member or a friend.
~Tom P.
I began ordering the diabetic friendly meals from last week. I knew I had to be careful with my diet because I am diabetic. I did not want to weigh, measure and count on my own at home. When I came across I knew they were for me. They work out all the numbers as far as the calories, the carbs, the protein, the fat. All I needed to do was call them up and order and enjoy every meal I ordered from them. I couldn't believe the wide variety of dishes they offer in their meal packs. There are several different diabetic friendly meal packs, which include everything from seafood to pasta to meat. I have tried three of the meals so far and i enjoyed all three. The meals provide me with the right amount of nutrients that I need for my diet without me having to do all the calculations. Plus I liked all the meals that I have tried so far. I plan to order from Magic Kitchen on a regular basis.
~ John O.
We gave this to my mom as a gift. She is enjoying her meals as much as we love hearing how great they taste. Easy ordering and delivery as well.
~Anita H.
Almost all the dinners I have had, have been very good, and I always have to order the low sodium meals, and the cooks still make them very delightfully good.
~Neita W.
I have enjoyed the meal packs and my last medical check up indicated that they have improved my health and have allowed me to maintain a healthy weight. Thank You.
~William W.
They are easy to use, heat and have a nice flavor and for seniors or those that are ill, not too much seasoning. Nice product.
~C Beadle
The meals you provide are a great help to our family. They are intended for my sister who is on dialysis, and it is a big & costly challenge to try and cook 7 days of renal diet meals for her each and every week. I am so happy with the cost savings and the prompt delivery service, as well as the total time and work that has been lifted off of us. My sister is also quite pleased with the taste of your dialysis meals thus far. Thanks so much.
~Diana M.
The meals I received were great, they tasted wonderful, and were easy to fix.
I would recommend these meals to anyone.
~Nancy D.

The program has been a Godsend to us. It has truly kept my mother out of the hospital since we started with this. The couple of times she has been hospitalized, it was not for congestive heart failure and fluid overload. Truly attributable to the diet that she eats.
~Gary G.

We ordered the diabetic meal bundle and the low-sodium bundle and found the food to be flavorful, easy to prepare and fresh, fresh, fresh -- even if it is frozen. The beef is EXCELLENT. Tender and very full of flavor.
~Pat E .
These meals were sent as a gift for our Mom who is taking care of her elderly father full time. These meals taste great and give her a much needed break! Thanks
~Ronda K.
I bought these meals for my father who is diabetic. He said the meals were very good, and his blood sugar levels were normal all week. Thanks MK!
~Donna T.
I ordered for my ailing mother.She was impressed with the quality of the food and care given in packing. The shipping was on time and I was very happy to have a reliable company to entrust her nutrition to. I look forward to ordering again.
~Elizabeth W.
I have ordered these meals for my mother who is diabetic. She really likes the portions and how tasty they are. Very rarely does she mention one she doesn't like and usually when she does; it is because she has microwaved it for too long. Keep the quality up.
~Cheri M.
Thank you for helping us get my parents back on track. We were struggling to get them to eat on a regular basis but your MK special menu meals with the supplements are wonderful. They not only get the entree and side dishes, they get the desert, juice, bread and butter...and in portions they can handle. Now they don't have to think about how to put a meal do it all for them. The customer service is the best I have experienced. If you have a senior on a low sodium or diabetic restricted diet, they will love this!
~Beth L.
My brother who has been on your meal plan for almost one year now, continues to enjoy your meals and has improved his health via the diet. We are both appreciative of your excellent service and product.
~Bob W .
Magic Kitchen should not be compared to other all-inclusive meal plans such as NutriSystem. The food is better. They can accommodate people with special dietary needs, and their model is not a mass-produced cookie cutter approach. Rather, they are a high quality, custom, regional service. We like the fact that many of their customers are seniors. Very few food delivery services we've come across seem to serve seniors well. If a senior has a little wiggle room in their budget and doesn't mind preparing their own breakfasts and snacks, this could be a very good and healthy choice.
~Review on

This is my third order from and we have been very happy with the food. Although we started ordering because of the diabetic meal plans for my mom, our whole family found other items we know will be regularly ordered items, including the uncooked prime-rib roast.
~Teresa D.
My dad has finally almost cleared out all the awful frozen grocery store stuff he had, and so will be eating better with more exclusively. His last checkup was perfect for blood pressure and sugar level (he is slightly diabetic). He agrees that the food from is better for him than what he was picking up at the store.
~John F .

I purchased one week of low sodium meals for my elderly father who wants to live on his own, but needs help with cooking. The meals were healthy, tasty and so quick with no clean up. A real lifesaver!!
~Elaine W
My mother is 89 & still lives independently in an apartment building. The meals from are an answer to a prayer because they are always nutritious, perfectly proportioned, & well balanced. They have even helped my mom gain some weight, which is a plus for her! When mom isn't feeling well or is tired after a doctor's visit, she can just take a meal from the freezer. It's one less thing I have to do for her. I have recommended your service to many others for their parents. Thank you for consistently offering quality meals & standing by your product in the form of a credit should a meal arrive damaged.
~Deena L.
My sister and I sent the senior meals to our Father for his 85th birthday, best idea we have had in a long time. He loves them and they are very easy for him.

We use the special meals for my husband who is diabetic and these have a made a great difference in the controlling of his sugar levels no more high fastings in the am and the taste is great.

I buy the meals primarily for my wife. However, I do eat some of them. We have tried many of the national meal programs and several of the local vendors. Our experience has been that is far better than any of them. We like the flexibility to be able to buy just the mains and add our own sides. However for those who want a complete meal, those are available also. Customer service is the very best. I have not encountered any situation that hasn't been accommodated. Lastly, the meals overall are excellent and enjoyable. Our taste and heath conditions do not allow for eating many foods but we have been able to find several mains that meet our requirements.
~J Spice

Even though I'm not a diabetic, I was looking for a program that had a wide variety of low-sodium, portion controlled meals because I watch what I eat closely. was the answer. The meals are superb and very satisfying, the staff is very professional and helpful. I would recommend them heartily to anyone.
~R. Braunstein

My mother (also a diabetic) recently discovered she has CHF which meant she now has to have a low sodium diet. My father was cooking 2 times at each meal time-- once for my mother and another for his 85 year old mother who lives with them. I could hear how overwhelmed he was on the telephone and immediately went on line for a way to give him some relief and my mother good food. This was it!! My mother looks forward to the variety and my father has less stress. Thanks a bunch.
~T Cubit

I want to tell you how pleased I am with and your Diabetic meals. As a diabetic who lives alone, shopping for all the “right” things is not something I look forward to doing each week, cooking for one is no fun. The meals are easy to cook using my oven or microwave.

Shopping for the right things, buying small portions of vegetables, fish, meats and casseroles is not easy to do, well NOW it is, I choose my favorite menus from, besides, there is the glycemic index and carbs to count, fats, salt, and everything else, portion size too! I ended up buying too much and that costs more. I don't have to worry about it all and that is definitely better for my health.

When I choose, I've made the right choice. It's like I could afford my own nutritionist, dietitian AND Chef! Having the confidence that real pros have designed each meal, that not only do the meals taste good but are good for me. Besides, there is so much choice, choice, choice. Every meal has sides that make it a fully satisfying meal and I don't “go hungry” because my meals are designed FOR me. By the way, I'm not only happy with the meals and my success using, I'm excited about all I've learned and I'm even losing weight, not an easy thing for an overweight diabetic to do!

The service is excellent. I look forward to each of my deliveries and I really like choosing what I want, not just taking what is offered. I get to choose the foods I like and that is important to me. I researched all over the Internet, looked at this plan, that plan, makes good sense and is affordable. I could not do as well trying to feed myself. You folks are “Aces”.

Thanks for all the good work,
~Jim- Albuquerque, NM

Diabetic Food Delivery

Safe Shopping's diabetic food delivery began in 2008. Our customers loved our food, and many of them had requested that we supply more diabetic meals delivered. So the staff and chefs, under the direction of CEO Greg Miller and President Michelle Tayler, began the journey to begin to delivery quality diabetic food delivery.

The effort has paid off, for us and our customers. One of our early success stories was Jim from Albuquerque. He wrote in to tell us his story several times. One of our favorite quotes is, "With that help I have been able to control my diet so I no longer, at least for now, have to take oral Diabetes medication.  I've also lost twenty pounds nice and slowly while I learned to eat by making better choices. Thanks to MagicKitchen for helping me to learn to do so. Thanks a LOT!!!

You're welcome, Jim! And to all our other customers out there who rely on our diabetic meals delivered, keep the testimonials coming. We are continuing to develop new recipes, and we've added pre-dialysis and dialysis meals to the menu now as well.