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It has been estimated that over 19 million people in the US currently take care of someone (usually a parent or grandparent) who is over the age of 75 and either live with them or independently. The “sandwich generation” of those born to boomers and raising their own children are starting to feel the squeeze as these caregivers typically account for 75-80 of all long-term elderly care.

Additionally, there are many seniors living on their own with little or no outside assistance. With such a demand, many services are popping up to provide much needed help. One of these is deliverable meal plans for seniors from

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We all want to take the very best care of our loved ones and making sure they are eating healthy diets. We know that getting all of the correct vitamins and phytochemicals can make a big difference in health outcomes for the elderly. But it can be difficult to make sure we are doing the correct things to help ourselves, and our loved ones, live longer and keep from getting sick.

Here are a few things to think about when determining the best senior meal plan.

Nutrition – Certain vitamins and minerals are more important during your later years. Seniors should make sure they get enough calcium (1,200 mg per day) to avoid broken bones. Some good sources of calcium are greens, milk, broccoli, and almonds. Along with calcium, Vitamin D is necessary to help absorption. Fiber found in fruits and vegetables helps with digestion. A diet with a lot of variety ensures you are receiving the right amounts of necessary nutritional needs.

Low Sodium – Many seniors have high blood pressure and need help with reducing sodium in their diets. With salt being found in just about every processed food on the shelf, many find it confusing and difficult to meet the guidelines.  According to the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, people should limit sodium to about 1500 mg per day. To reach this goal, seniors have to pay an incredible amount of attention to food labels and table salt use.

Calories – Many seniors are overweight or obese which can come along with a whole host of co-conditions such as arthritis, edema, and skin infections. Reducing calories is important to help seniors maintain activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, and toileting. Even seniors who are in a healthy weight range need to pay attention to calories to make sure they are getting enough calories for energy to last the whole day. Normal weight senior women should get about 1,600-2,200 calories while men should aim for 2,000-2,800.

Convenience – It can be difficult for many elderly to cook and prepare foods. Senior meal plans take the guesswork out of recipes and shopping and provide easy meals that you can just heat up and eat directly from the container. Even if you are retiree who lives independently, you can certainly benefit from meal plans designed for seniors.

Take the time to learn more about how simple and enjoyable it can be to have senior meals delivered conveniently to your door at Our online senior meal plans work with your budget to create healthy meals for seniors.


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I was looking for quick and easy meals that were healthy and tasty - boy did I find them!
What I've found is that most of the entrees and side dishes for one actually make 2 meals for me. Which makes ordering them very economical.
I ordered the Meals for One #2 which gives 8 entrees - this gives me 16 meals - that's only $7.50/meal! For healthy easy to make meals! I'll definitely be ordering more!
~Ramona D.

"My mom lives 1900 miles away all by herself. I can't tell you how many evenings I'd talk to her and hear that she had cheese and crackers for dinner because she did not feel like cooking. First I tempted her with the lamb shanks when she was visiting at Christmas. She pronounced them the best she has ever had. Then I sent a big care package of meat and poultry dishes to her house. She loved them. Now she is ordering for herself. I love hearing how great her meals are and knowing that she is getting enough protein. Not only is she eating well, she has my sister and now my brother hooked too! Mom will be getting regular care packages now from all of her kids...we'll send the meat...she buys the desserts! "
~Patricia Z.