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Senior Meal Delivery and Nutritious Seniors Meal Plans

Many seniors have spent much of their lives cooking for families, and now that they are getting older, they find they no longer have the desire to cook nor do they want the mess, meal planning and inconvenience of cooking for one or two people. Many times their children are concerned that their parents are not getting the nutrition they need, and they need a service that offers senior meal delivery. is the solution!

Please see our Complete Meals Menu for meal programs for people with special dietary requirements.

See a La Carte Meals is your source for delightful and delicious Senior Meal Delivery including our Gourmet Dinners and Meal Plans. If you are searching on Meal Programs for Seniors or Senior Meal Delivery, you’re at the right destination. Our Dinners Online have been seen on ABC's The View and written up in Parents Magazine,, FOOD 411 and many more. Our Senior Meal Delivery service encompasses the entire US, Alaska, and Hawaii. Our Seniors Delivery service is used for aging parents and people with special dietary needs.

Purchasing a Seniors Meal Plan Online on our secure website is convenient. This Meal To Go program offers a full menu where you may select your Meals To Go entrée by entrée. Another popular option is a very healthy meal plan for aging parents or people with dietary restrictions. Other Meal Program uses are thank you, congratulations or thinking of you gifts. A Meal Plan is also a thoughtful gift for a new Mother or grandparents.

There is one thing seniors and young singles have in common: they love a good meal but find it difficult to cook every day. It's not that they can't cook. It's just that the young singles are not yet used to cooking every day, and the seniors have done too much of it already.

Seniors, in particular, have a good reason not to cook every day. After years of taking care of their children's meals – and sometimes, the grand children too – it is surely time to enjoy a good meal without having to cook it first. And to do so anytime they feel like it, without having to leave the house.

That's where home meal delivery for seniors comes in handy. delivers meals specifically prepared for seniors by FedEx across the US, every day. All it takes is a call to the toll free number 1-1-877-516-2442.

Of course, seniors do not just want a well prepared, tasty and fresh meal. They also want a meal prepared with an appreciation of the special nutritional needs of advanced age.

No problem. home delivery meals for seniors include low fat, low carbohydrates or low sodium meals. You can also order vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free meal. Or a health-conscious meal specifically prepared for seniors with special health conditions – like a dialysis diet meal, diabetes-friendly meal, renal diet meal or a heart-healthy meal.

The menu? The main courses have everything from beef and chicken to fish, shrimp and baby clams. The side dishes come in a variety of fresh vegetables like Broccoli, Cauliflower and spinach, plus potatoes, cheeses, baby corn, rice, applesauce and sage.  The desserts include cream, carrot, chocolates, coffee and apple cakes.

And, to make sure the meals actually taste like home made meals, our professional chefs cook the meals in small batches from fresh ingredients, with no preservatives. The meals is then cooled to near freezing point within seconds – what we call flash freezing – to avoid the formation of ice crystals and preserve all the freshness, flavor and aroma.

So, maybe this is another thing that seniors can now have in common with young singles: a home delivered meal every time they do not feel like cooking.