Meal Delivery Plans: Delicious Food Delivered to Your Door

Getting delicious cooked meals delivered to your home has never been easier. Now there are two ways to set up a Meal Program for your A la carte or Special Diet Meals.

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  • Set up an Auto-Ship Meal Program and have us send you meals weekly, every two weeks or Monthly without having to place your own orders.
  • There are no contracts to sign. Order reasonable size orders when you want and with whatever you want. (Call 1-877-516-2442 or email us below)
  • A great way to save money on regular orders. (Call 1-877-516-2442 or email us below)
  • Choose your own meals or have us do it for you within guidelines you determine
  • No assembly required!! Meals are prepared, flash frozen and ready to be reheated


With meal programs, there are discounts provided on each order. Start a meal program and check it out for yourself!!

Meal Program Samples:

Here are some sample programs to provide ideas on meals and pricing:

Low Sodium - Diabetic - Senior Complete Meal Program – 1 person:

  • 1 complete meal per day (Your choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner) - $82 to $90 per 7 days
  • 2 complete meals per day (Your choice of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner) - $164 to $180 per 7 days
  • 3 complete meals per day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) - $246 to $275 per 7 days
    (Complete meals average $10.00 to $14 per meal)


  • Meals are shipped on the same day if you order BEFORE 2pm CT Monday and Tuesday.
  • If you order after 2pm CT, on MON, your meals are sent out the next day.
  • All Recurring Orders are shipped out on Mondays and Tuesdays. Remember, you can stop and start at any time, you just need to give us a day's notice.
  • Depending on your location delivery dates will vary - enter your zip code here to get delivery information.
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Meal Program Testimonials:


Meal Plans

Senior Meal ProgramCooking, doing the dishes, grocery shopping – for busy families, active seniors and singles, healthy eating is a major undertaking.
Fortunately, there's a helpful option: Food delivery from
We make healthy eating easy for everyone. Seniors, singles living alone, busy families. Place an order today or enroll in a meal package and receive healthy, super-delicious meals delivered right to your door. Choose us for:

  • Fast, convenient ordering
  • Hundreds of nutritious and delicious options
  • Meals for special diets, including Low Carb, Low Fat, Diabetic, Renal Friendly and many more

At, we're serious about making nutrition accessible. Try our meal program today risk-free. No commitments or contracts!

Senior Meal

How It Works

Getting delicious, nutritious meals delivered to your home has never been easier. In fact, it takes just a few minutes to get started on  
Select your favorite dishes. Order your meals online, by phone or email. Enroll in a program or choose a one-time shipment. And voila! Great-tasting food arrives at your door in 1-3 business days.

It's that simple! Just three easy steps:
  • 1. Browse Our Menus:

    We offer two menus - COMPLETE MEALS and A LA CARTE. Pick your favorite a la carte dishes or complete meals (entrée + 1-2 sides) for home delivery!
  • 2. Choose a Meal Package:

    Save when you purchase multiple meals. Choose a one-time Bundle delivery – featuring selections of a la carte dishes – or enroll in a Meal Package and choose 1, 2 or 3 meals per day. No commitments or contracts!   
  • 3. Fast Delivery:

    Meals arrive at your door in 1-3 business days! We ship meals to all 50 states. If you live in the U.S., we'll ship to you.

Our Menus

Nutritious and delicious food is just a click away on
We offer a full menu of mouth-watering options – from comfort food favorites, to Low Sodium, Low Carb and other special dietary choices. Select dishes from two menus: COMPLETE MEALS and A LA CARTE.  

A la carte Items

Complete Meals

Family favorite a la carte dishes, hand made in small batches. Complete, individual meals featuring an entrée and 1-2 side dishes.
Great for families, active seniors and busy singles.A great way to make sure you or your loved ones are eating balanced and healthy meals.

Choose Main Courses, Sides, Soups and Desserts or multi-item a la carte Bundles.

Special dietary options available: Renal and Dialysis Friendly, Low Sodium, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free and many more.

A perfect gift for any occasion.Ease of preparation – goes right from the freezer into the microwave or the oven.

About Our Meal Packages

Chicken parmigiana complete Meal

Need help with lunch every afternoon? Or maybe you'd like some meals for the freezer, just in case? offers plenty of meal delivery packages to fit your lifestyle. Choose the plan that's right for you.

What Are Meal Programs?

Our Meal Programs are packages of complete meals. Enroll in weekly, twice-monthly or monthly delivery and receive an assortment of complete meals right at your door. We offer a complete range of meal packages – from custom orders, to auto shipments based on your preferences.

What's Included?

When your Meal Program shipment arrives, you'll receive a cooler packed with healthy and nutritious meals. You determine how many meals, what types of meals, and the frequency your shipments arrive. For reference, here's a look at what's included in our Low Sodium Meal Package:

1 Meal Per Day

What's Included: 7 meals. Choose a breakfast, lunch or dinner for each day.
Cost: $75-$85 / week

2 Meals Per Day

What's Included: 14 meals. Choose a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for each day.
Cost: $150-$165 / week

3 Meals Per Day

What's Included: 21 meals. Choose breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day.
Cost: $225-$250 / week

Why Choose a Meal Program?

Enrolling in a Meal Program saves you time and money! We’ve designed these packages to suit our customers needs. Benefits include:

  • Discounts:

    Package meals are discounted – averaging about $11 to $12 per meal.
  • Fast Ordering:

    Choose your own meals, or have us select them for you based on your preferences, dietary needs and your favorites.
  • Automated Ordering:

    Auto Ship automates meal planning for you or a loved one! Select a recurring plan, and meals arrive each week, twice-monthly or monthly.

Food You Will Love

Great-tasting food makes nutrition easier. When you enjoy what you eat, you’re more likely to stay on a diet. And that’s something we can help with! offers a full menu of great-tasting, healthy foods. All of our meals are:

  • Chef Prepared: Our chefs create recipes for all of our meals. Choose from an assortment of rich, flavorful and healthy options!
  • Guaranteed Fresh: We flash freeze our meals after cooking to lock in flavor and preserve freshness. We guarantee quality.
  • Pre-Proportioned: Our Complete Meals feature an entrée and 1-2 side dishes, and have about 350-550 calories.
  • Delicious: Choose from hundreds of family favorites – Asian, Italian, French, American, Mexican. Pick foods you will love!
  • Easy to Prep: All our delivered meals arrive flash frozen. Just defrost in the refrigerator, and then reheat in minutes in the microwave or oven.
  • High Quality: We’re committed to using quality ingredients. That includes hormone-free beef and dairy.

What People Are Saying

“I decided to comparison shop with other online food services and soon learned that there is no comparison at all! offers the most diverse menu and the most reasonable prices.”
– Bob B.
“I order a one-week pack of dinners for my 88-year-old mother-in-law for her birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. and she is always so pleased with the selections. Most recently, she had some physical problems and these came in handy.”
– Annie B.
“I ordered food from for a relative who was recuperating from knee surgery at home. She so appreciated the prepared food available to her those first few days when she had trouble getting around. Thanks so much for your products!”
– Barbara E.

Try Today Risk-Free

Place an order today for our precooked meals and see why we’re one of America’s favorite food delivery services. We ship nationwide – great tasting food delivered right to your door.
Browse our Meal Packages now! And place your first order in just minutes.

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