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Thanks a Million Bundle

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If you're looking to send meals as a thank you, you're in the right place. Frozen and prepared, these meals arrive at their door and are easily prepared, and always appreciated. Order our Thank You Food Gift bundle today! *Note: Some items in this package require cooking in the oven. Those are marked with an (RC).

Bundle Description

  1. Baby Clams With Linguini Marinara, Herb Focccia
  2. Crab Cakes(RC), Orzo & Spinach with Caponata Sauce
  3. Salmon Caponata, Barley Vegetable Pilaf
  4. Tilapia with Mushroom & Artichoke Hearts, Rice with Mixed Vegetables
  1. Handmade Rugulach Pastries
  2. Double Fudge Brownie