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Senior Exercise Videos

Maintaining our health is vital. Healthy food is an important factor, but just as important is exercise.

Here are some videos with exercises for seniors. These are more beginner exercises. for slightly more difficult ones, see our moderate exercise videos. Always consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program!

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Seated Exercises for Older Adults
Seated Exercises
Standing Exercises for Older Adults
Standing Exercises
Head to Toe on the Go!
Head to Toe
HASfit's Low Impact Workout
Low Impact Workout
Beginner Weight Training
Beginner Weights
Workout Senior Home
Home Workout
Dance Along Workout for Seniors and Elderly
Dance Along Workout
SilverSneakers in your RV - Resistance Band Workout
Resistance Band Workout


Moderate exercises for Seniors

These videos below are for seniors who are already fairly fit. Always consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program!

Yoga-Pilates Workout in Under 5 Minutes
Yoga-Pilates Workout
15-Minute Abs, Butt & Thighs Workout
Abs,Butt, Thighs Workout
Quiet Cardio Workout
Quiet Cardio Workout
30 Min Total Body Workout
30 Min Total Body Workout

Walking Exercise - Indoor Jogging

30 Minute At Home Cardio Workout

30-Minute Latin Spice Walk

30-Minute Strength Training for Women


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