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Delicious, nutritious, convenient meals from our MagicKitchen.com to your table!
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We have a line of meals especially designed for those with medical dietary needs. The meals are Diabetic-friendly, low carb, low fat, portion controlled and low cholesterol. They are heart-healthy and ideal for diet management (gaining or losing weight). Please see our menu here:
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I bought MagicKitchen.com for my son who is in Graduate School in another state. I love it because I know he is being fed well and he loves it because it tastes delicious and he doesn't have to really cook anything.
~ Kelly T.

What a God send these folks are at Magic Kitchen. The food is superb and has added my parents in a slow recovery from many health problems. Give it a try and send it to yourself or a loved one, you won't regret it!
~Abigail T.

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Looking for Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered? Look no more!

More Variety for the Meals on Your Table

Our MK Special menu has carefully created meals designed for those with special dietary needs. If you don't have special needs, you may order from our HomeStyle menu. But take a peek at the MK Special meals as well. Here's our little secret - the meals are tasty, nutritious and provide more variety for your menu!!!

Here are some examples: Basil Chicken with Rice & Zucchini Sautéis a low sodium meal. But it's also made from fresh ingredients and tender chicken breast. One customer enthused, "Now there is more variety; for example grilled peppers and onions, cauliflower puree that doubles for mashed potatoes and delicious brown rice! mmmmm."

Also another way to get more variety in your meals is to use our single serving side dishes. We have 2 different packages with 4 x 1 serving of our best selling side dishes. Check them out on our side dish menu.

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