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Order Meals for a Wake or Post-Funeral Reception

MagicKitchen.com meals are a perfect sympathy gift for a wake. There is a lot going on when a family member dies, and there are many people coming over to the home. The grieving family shouldn't have to think about preparing meals and food for all the visiting people and themselves. MagicKitchen.com is a way to help out, with easy meals for a wake.

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order meals for a wake.

Comfort Food Bundle

A modern wake is, essentially, a celebration of the deceased. Friends and family gather together. A wake involves good food, good friends, and, above all, laughter. It's a time for swapping stories about the person who has died; sometimes serious stories, sometimes humorous ones. For some people, it becomes a chance to counterbalance the sorrow of losing a loved one with the joy of having known them in the first place.

A traditional wake is held on the night before a funeral. Attendees at the wake stay up all night with the body. Historically, funerals were held the day after a death, to give people time to gather for the event, and the body would be laid out in the home of the deceased or a family member, allowing members of the community to visit. Some cultures retain this tradition, while others hold the wake at a funeral home, and in some cases, the body may not be present at all.

At a wake, people eat, exchange stories about the dead, sing traditional songs and laments, and support the family members of the deceased. Different cultures have different beliefs about the wake, but generally people stay up all night with the deceased as a mark of respect, although wakes can actually become quite raucous, especially in the early hours of the morning. A wake and a funeral may sometimes be combined, with an officiant conducting the service in the morning after the wake.