Complete Meals for a Renal Diet – Stages 3 & 4

Our Complete Meals Renal Diet Special Diet Meals for CKD Stages 3 &4 are designed to be healthy as well as to provide one third of the daily requirement based on a standard 1800 calorie per day diet, assuming you eat 3 meals a day, morning and afternoon snacks as well as have drinks with calories at times throughout the day.

For these meals, we limit the amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein.  These meals include a good variety of foods designed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Each meal on this menu contains a main course and either one or two side dishes.

  • Nutritionally Balanced Complete Meals with an entrée and 1-2 side dishes
  • Easy to Re-heat in the Microwave or Oven
  • Low in Sodium <700mg (although most are <500mg)
  • Low in Potassium <700mg
  • Low in Phosphorus <350mg
  • Low to Moderate in Protein <25g
  • Meals can be purchased in Meal Packs (variety of 7 meals) or Individually for the more selective

Pricing will vary on each of the meals and also on the various meal packs. These meals are offered in pre-selected meal packs or available on an individual basis, should you prefer to be selective on meal choices.

When ordering these meals, if you purchase 2 meal packs, please use the 2 meal pack promotion code discount 2pack to receive a $10.00 credit on your order.

Should you be considering our meals ongoing please contact Customer Service toll free (1-877-516-2442) to discuss our free delivery meal program option. No contracts are required, you can order as much or as you wish to meet your specific renal meal plan needs.

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Stuffed pepper, a renal meal
beef barley stew, one of our renal meals delivered
Eggplant Parmigiana, a delicious frozen renal meal