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Dessert Delivered to your Door

chocolate ganache cake

A perfect ending to a perfect dinner, our desserts are created with love and enjoyed across the country. Easy online ordering, a large dessert menu and to-your-door delivery makes it the easiest way to get a supply of delicious desserts on hand.

A lot of websites only offer dessert, but we offer main courses, soups, side dishes and desserts for the whole meal deal. Your desserts are frozen, placed into a cooler with dry ice, and shipped straight to you. Just put them in the freezer and take one out when the mood hits.

Getting sweets delivered to your door is a wonderful surprise, and that's why our sweet dreams dessert bundle is such a popular gift. Consisting of six of our most-ordered desserts, it will, as one customer said, "make their eyes light up!"

Get desserts delivered for your next office party. We deliver to businesses, and the dessert bundles also make wonderful corporate gifts.

What our Customers Say...

"Yummy! great for breakfast, afternoon snack with hot tea, or a delicious accompaniment to soup or salad. Will definitely order more."
~Robinn S.

"My spouse said it was fantastic, and she is fussy about her carrot cake."
~Sally B.

"Sent as a gift to my friend. Her gang loved it. Rich chocolate, moist cake." 
~Gina H.

"Fantastic . . .I loved it! Simply delicious and it just wasn't enough. In fact, all of the desserts I have purchased have been the bomb (smile)!"
~Joyce C.

"Enjoyed by the entire family, I'm sure it will be a favorite."
~Nancy V.

"According to my Mom my Dad's eyes lit up when he saw this dessert! He doesn't have much of an appetite but ate the whole thing after eating a "Magic dinner"!"
~Pat H.