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MagicKitchen.com is a lifesaver for me. I’m not good enough to put together and cook meals with my CKDIII requirements. Their customer service is unsurpassable and when the meals are that good, they will be perfect. Jolaine M.

I order these for my sister as she is on a strict diet and they have really improved her health and I am fortunate that you have the dinners that she can eat and are very reasonable in price. Stephanie W.

I ordered six different meals for my in-laws who still live independently. They like very simple meals. My mother-in-law described each meal in detail. She said all were tasty and large serving sizes. They reallllllyyyyyy liked the chicken pot pies. Sara E.

Amazing productsLinda G.

I have dealt with you for some time and find the process direct and easy to use. Thank you for all of your considerations.Richard K.

Placing the order as a gift for my Father was easy and didn't take a lot of extra time online. Hoping he enjoys his meals. Will comment later once he has tried his meals. Deborah B.

I have been a customer for a number of years and find your service convenient and the food is pretty good! Having the meals come frozen very much works with my lifestyle as I am unable to eat everything at once(!!), and like to take my time using the meals. My one complaint is that your website and app are not user friendly and quite frustrating. Thanks!Selina C.

We have tried other frozen meal delivery services but my grandma didn't like the taste or quality or those meals. Then we tried Magic Kitchen and my grandma LOVES the choices, quality of the food and the taste! We also love the wonderful costumer service this company provides. They are easy to work with, helpful and always courteous whenever we have had questions or needed to make changes to an order. Very impressed with this company and would highly recommend them. Katie C.

MagicKitchen has the best staff in the world! I love the meals and the people who answer the phones are truly very helpful, no matter what sort of help I need. Keep up the good work! Edward J.

Very nice meals, and tasty too. Lillian J.

Magic Kitchen may have been instrumental in my continued sanity. I was taxing my brain to the limit trying to determine what I could eat on a Renal Diet and slow the progression of my kidney disease.

I had gone from low sodium to low sodium and potassium; then low sodium, low potassium and low phosphorus in 3 short years. Cross referencing the dietary requirements was literally driving me nuts even though I was seeing a licensed and certified dietitian. The dietitian gave me a detailed list of things with specific measured servings I could have each meal and for snacks.

That just made matters worse for me since it was impossible for me to manage all the details without buying too much of everything just so I had enough variety.
Magic Kitchen took the cross referencing and serving sizes of everything off my hands. Now I just pop a meal out of the freezer and into the microwave and in a few short minutes, my meal is on the table and ready to eat.

Best of all, the customer service is phenomenal. I rely on calling frequently if I get stuck and they walk me right through everything I need help with. Thanks to Magic Kitchen, I no longer tax my brain every meal time. Jolaine M.

I have searched far and wide for a meal service that provides everything I need. I am cooking only for myself and don't want to spend 30-60 minutes to prepare every meal. I require a renal diet and must limit my intake of vegetables that are used frequently (such as cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts) due to IBS. MagicKitchen.com has been my salvation. They offer meals for several specialized diets, including renal. But the best part includes two things that surprised me: I love the taste of most meals that I've eaten and I'm losing weight at the same time! Meals arrive frozen, so there's no need to use up an order quickly. Nutritional information and full ingredients are included in the description of each meal. So far, the only problem I've had involved an order that was shipped and delivered in a massive heat wave throughout the West. But they offer to replace any shipment that arrives with melted meals. What's not to love about this service? Robert H.

Wow, that was pretty darn good. I've never done prepared food home delivery before and after 1 meal... I must say I am pretty impressed. Added a bit of hot sauce to it and it really hit the spot. The covid eating plan just wasn't working anymore, I hate to shop, get no pleasure from cooking, and as a result I was living on take out, delivery, and processed food. I am really looking forward to trying the rest of my order (not all at once..) Jim S.

My first trial of the Magic Kitchen was a great success. At 93 years of age, I am delighted with your meals. Thank you for having a varied selection and for having low sodium meals that are delicious. Bernice K.

Hello! I just wanted to say I love Magic Kitchen! It couldn"t be any easier! Just thaw, heat & eat! ...and the food is great. there is such a good variety so there is something for everyone. I'm glad I found MagicKitchen.com! Diane C.

I found it easy to order my meals from MagicKitchen online. the meals cooked up easily in my microwave oven. The nutrition label was way too small to read without using a magnifying lens. Your kidney (CKD) friendly meals are a Godsend. thanks. Edward J.

While my wife was in the hospital they recommended the Magic Cup pudding for her. I found the Magic Kitchen web site and ordered from it . The items came fast and packed in a container. The packing was very good and they were still frozen when I received them. Wife likes the pudding very much and will keep ordering it as long as she wants.John H.

I wanted to compliment you on your meals. I am so happy with them they are so good. especially the chicken pot pies. muffins, corn cakes! You are so much better than all the other ebt meals.Joyce S.

Your meals have helped me get to a healthy weight and takes the stress off of worrying about what I can or can't eat on a renal diet. Taste great too Paul M.

I buy the dialysis friendly meals for my granddaughter who is waiting for a kidney transplant. She loves the meals. The flavor is great and the portion control makes it so easy for her. Losing weight to allow the transplant has been a struggle. Thank you Magic Kitchen for making it so much easier. Molly L.

I have ordered the Focaccia bread three times. 'Bout to make it 4. It is one of the best made focaccia breads ever. Get it! You won’t be disappointed . Edward K.

He enjoyed every meal, so nourishing he said. Being it was a renal diet, that was good. Planning on ordering more. Sharon R.

So I would like to just say these meals are honestly really REALLY good.. the baby clams with linguine is restaurant worthy. Yeah it IS that good. I am only a month into the program, but everything I’ve had so far is really worth it. Cathy S.

I am a new customer, I had to call the phone number three times today for some questions I had. The customer service lady was very pleasant, and your meals look delicious. We can't wait to try them. Dee F.

I finally found a meal service that fits my needs for CKD!! The food is very delicious too! I highly recommend Magic Kitchen to people with kidney issues!! I'll be telling my nephrologist when I see him. And have him tell his other patients about them!!! Dorothea K.

The food is good! Real, healthy food at a much better price than typical mail order vendors. Also, there are good selections for people who are older or who have health issues and just want simple, healthy tasty food without too many spices or odd, trendy ingredients. It is a great idea for someone who is sick at home and can't cook healing meals. And the delivery is timely. Kathleen L.

I have been ordering the magic cups for my elderly Mom to gain weight since her surgery, they are working, and she loves them!!!! The nutritionist we are working with was surprised how many calories are packed into these. That are easy for my mom and a great snack in the summer! Lee R.

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