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I’ve used MagicKitchen.com a number of times. I’ve been happy with their service and plan to continue using their service over time. The dishes I’ve tried rate from okay to really very tasty. I’ve recently begun on a Keto diet and find it very easy to find low carb, high protein dishes that fit in very nicely with this lifestyle. My most recent order included a BARBECUE BRISKET entree, and this was exceptionally tasty!! The service is very convenient for a single person living alone! Selina C.

I am so glad I found Magic Kitchen! I had to start a low sodium diet and am quite pleased with the options. I hope that the menu will continue to grow so I can try even more. Lori R.

My wife has Alzheimer's and I have a broken hip. I have caregivers 12 hours a day to help with my wife and prepare meals. I tried HelloFresh and BlueApron but my caregivers thought they were too much of a hassle and always took longer to prepare than advertised. I recently was diagnosed with diabetes and found out that MagicKitchen.com has a diabetic specific menu. They also came frozen, like a TV dinner, so there were no complaints from my caregivers. David H.

I'm so happy with the food I'm receiving from MagicKitchen.com. It tastes better then I thought. From the preparation to the way is delivered and the customer service is great job. Jose

I ordered from MagicKitchen.com for my grandmother. I live in California, so when she was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure in Kansas, I felt helpless. I ordered from the renal/dialysis menu's and she loved the food! Even better her kidney function has improved. Being able to order and help her with meals, even though I can't be there has been an amazing tool! Also, shipping was super fast. I ordered and she had the meals the next day. I ordered 13 meals, and there was not a single one she didn't like (and she is a very picky eater). I am so grateful for MagicKitchen.com.Raquel

My husband hasn't been on the renal diet for very long and I am so overwhelmed looking through all the recipes. I loved finding your site it has literally saved my life. He can get up and fix his own meals they are very good and very easy to fix. I have ordered 4 times since he has been on this diet. You truly make my life a lot easier. Thanks Cindy L.

I buy these meals for my mom as she doesn't really cook or get out much. She is a heart patient and the low sodium meals are a great choice. I mix things up each time I send her some for variety. She seems to love every one I have sent. I look for sales since I am on long term disability myself so I can send her more. David A.

I have started ordering the renal friendly diet for my mother and it has been a lifesaver! Leila

We have stopped sending expensive flowers to friends and now send Magic Kitchen meals! You know exactly what you're getting for your money, and people love receiving delicious meals. The process is quick and simple, and orders arrive when expected. We also keep some Magic Kitchen meals on hand for those times we don't feel like cooking! Keep up the good work, MK! Taylor P.

We have been with MagicKitchen.com for a number of years and they continue to be in the forefront of excellent and consistent quality of meals, with many ongoing innovations and improvements! They are a most reliable and responsible supplier! Steven G. Canavis

My husband is very pleased with all of the meals that he has tried. He wishes the portions were a little bigger but all in all, very happy.Wendy D.

Having discovered that I had diabetes, I didn’t know what I was going to eat. Then I saw an ad for Magic Kitchen. I decided to try some of their meals and I’ll never be sorry! The meals are received in a timely manner, the servings are more than generous and the food is delicious. I enjoy trying each new dish that I get, Their menus are easy to see and I’ve gotten great service. I’ll be a customer for a long time! Mary T

I order meals every week for my husband. He likes every one of them. Wendy

Still very extremely happy with MagicKitchen.com.....I am sending packages to a family member who is disabled and on his own. The Chicken Pot Pie is still # one favorite... Great dessert options too.. The Sweets for the Sweet Bundle was a great way to sample the good ones! But the favorites are the Tiramisu and the Double Fudge Brownies! C.Poe

Since I am unable to prepare meals, due to recent illness, MagicKitchen.com meals have been a lifesave for me. Not only are they delicious but they are very healthy. Thank you for being such a good service for me! Joan S.

We're so happy there's an easy solution to provide nutritious meals for seniors with specific health needs. And, the customer service is simply the best! Michelle T.

I have been ordering meals from MagicKitchen.com for several years and the reason I continue to re-order is that the meals are consistently good and the service is outstanding. The meals come when promised and FedEx does a great job on delivery. Marv R.

The food is very good and always as described. Carol P Oliver

This is a great solution to help out my mom. She is elderly, lives alone and doesn't cook for herself very often. Since I live out of the area, this is a way for me to help her out. MagicKitchen.com makes it very easy. Susan

I have used MagicKitchen.com to send my nieces prepared meals when they had injuries and were not able to shop and make their meals. They are always on time and delicious. I find them very courteous and customer friendly. You guys are doing a good job. Betty S.

MagicKitchen.com meals are still a staple for my live at home brother... Good tasting and nutritious meals as well as easy for him to prepare... the three new desserts are now requested by him for every order -Chocolate Ganache Cake and Tiramisu U-Bake Apple-Raisin Strudel!!Clare

I just placed a new order and was very impressed with the streamlining you did to you web site! In the past, one had to go constantly back and forth, from the menu selection to the cart and back again! Now, once an item is ordered, one gets a short glance at the cart and then the system returns quickly back to the selection menu! Great job!Steve C.

Good food at a reasonable price with a nice selections. The parents really love them.Will J.

MagicKitchen.com are the best meals that I have found for someone on a very low salt diet. Joyce R.

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