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I love these meals. I'm 70 years old, a little overweight and have diabetes and heart disease. I've been dieting for the last month. The portions are exactly what my doctor recommends for me. Using meals by MagicKitchen.com, I've lose 12 pounds during that time. They provide a wide variety of healthy foods cooked in various recipes that are delicious, quick and simple to prepare. The prices are very reasonable too. Unlike most other online pre-prepared frozen meals, Magic Kitchen has meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner whereas many others do not include breakfast. And, you don't have to signup for and commit to multi-month plans; you can pick your own meals and order them as you go which means less trips to the grocery store, the meals are conveniently delivered to your front door. These meals are perfect for me. You just can't beat them. Michael M.

Happy that I found MagicKitchen.com! I am not physically able to fix the good meals that I use to make, so looked for the more" home cooked" ones that we could order on line. These really do fit the bill. They are very flavorful, and easy to heat up. Also, there is a good variety, so almost anyone can find the food that they like. Denise L.

I order from them and it’s very convenient for me. Tony

Great service. Great Food!! Highly Recommend!!Steve

My dad just started dialysis and gets through each of these episodes with thoughts of "magic" in the kitchen when he gets home...he now looks forward to dialysis days!Peter F.

Hi. I wanted to let you know how happy my husband, Al, and I are with your food and your customer service. Al and I are both diabetic, I because of a serious surgery several years ago, and it sometimes is a challenge to make meals that are healthy and not boring each day. My dietitian recommended Magic Kitchen and we thought we would give it a try. From my first conversation with Bobbi, who was so kind and helpful, to our ordering process, to the quick delivery, to the food itself—the entire experience has been stellar. Al, who is very picky about frozen meals, described his food as excellent. Thank you very much and I hope the wonderful service continues. Gail M, PhD

These guys are great! Had to get my elderly mom some gluten free dishes during the COVID lockdown. All arrived perfectly! Steve D.

I am on kidney dialysis and these meals really help to keep my diet under control. Ellen H.

I've used Magic Kitchen for quite a while now. Most of the food is very good and healthy. Some are delicious like the chicken pot pies, mashed potatoes and the desserts! I tried the crust less spinach quiche and it's great and is wonderful for lunch. I order both the prepared meals and some that are the A La Carte. Magic Kitchen is one of the few companies that doesn't force a meal plan every week. I really like that I can order whenever I want. They package the meals very securely and service delivery is on time. I highly recommend Magic Kitchen! Cathy N.

I have recently started a renal diet. Reducing sodium and maintaining proper levels of protein, potassium, and phosphorus is quite difficult. Magic Kitchen meals are delicious and make following my new diet easy and convenient. Susan M.

My sister and I have enjoyed the food. Kathy C.

I have used MagicKitchen.com meals for over a year. I have renal failure. The meals are so easy and good. Don't have to try to figure out what l can eat, all of the food is prepared by people who know what they are doing Linda U.

I have been ordering these for my mom for almost a year and they have been a life saver for the most part the meals are so good & right on time! Leilah

Magic Kitchen is well liked by my mom and we are pleased.Katy.

I received my order from Magic kitchen Everything I ordered was delicious and arrived in a timely manner It was packed in dry ice and was still frozen when it arrived. I love the fact that you don't have to sign up for a subscription. I highly recommend this company and will order again. Bonnie B.

Convenient, great service, and tasty meals! Armando

I ordered some mini meals for my 93 year old parents as a Mother’s Day gift. My mother has been refusing to eat much and has been losing e weight. I’ve ordered ready made meals before and she’s told me that they are “fine”. Tonight she called me to tell me how good the food I sent is. She talked about how delicious the tilapia they had for dinner was and how much she liked the muffins this morning. And said that she is looking forward to trying the chicken fettuccini tomorrow night. I can’t tell what a relief it is to hear that she is eating and how wonderful it is to hear her talk about food with enjoyment again. Mary C.

As a diabetic who must also eat a low sodium diet, my mother loves the convenience of MagicKitchen.com meals. I have been especially thankful for the availability of her favorite meals and super-fast delivery during the pandemic, as it allows me to ensure she is getting the nutrition she needs while staying at home. Jennifer Z.

The best source I found for assisting in meals for a shut-in diabetic. Carole T.

During this COVID-19 lockdown scenario and being responsible for an adult diabetic individual, it is nice to know that this company provide healthy meals to assist during this pandemic. Carole T.

Good time to help my mom out during the current crisis as she can't get out and has to limit visitors as she has heart and lung issues. The low sodium meets her dietary needs and there is a good variety. The only downside is the price along with $20 shipping so I look for deals as I am on LTD myself and the current crisis makes things harder. (Note from MagicKitchen.com: a promotion code would provide free delivery on the order). Dave A.

I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver MagicKitchen.com has been. Especially during this Corona-19 pandemic. Separated from my mom distance-wise it is hard to make sure she gets what she needs. Thank you MagicKitchen.com for your help!!! Joe C.

I love all the food! It's so easy to prepare and such a large variety! Diane C.

I’ve used MagicKitchen.com a number of times. I’ve been happy with their service and plan to continue using their service over time. The dishes I’ve tried rate from okay to really very tasty. I’ve recently begun on a Keto diet and find it very easy to find low carb, high protein dishes that fit in very nicely with this lifestyle. My most recent order included a BARBECUE BRISKET entree, and this was exceptionally tasty!! The service is very convenient for a single person living alone! Selina C.

I am so glad I found MagicKitchen.com! I had to start a low sodium diet and am quite pleased with the options. I hope that the menu will continue to grow so I can try even more. Lori R.

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