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These meals have helped me stay on track and I have lost 32 pounds. The a la carte has made it affordable. I love the taste of everything! Cathy K.

The last time I ordered was my first time and I was really impressed with the meals, except for the pork meal. It was not to my taste, but I enjoyed all the other meals and the delivery was right on time. Thank you much. Sue S. C.

I'm so excited to have the Mighty Shakes in stock. I've been recently experiencing malnourishment and dehydration. These were awesome in the hospital. Sommer L. C.

All the meals I have ordered are tasty and filling. Very convenient and fast to be able to microwave without losing the meals taste. Have ordered before from Magic Kitchen and I will continue ordering. Gaston L.

I discovered these meals online for my mothers kidney disease stage 4, although she finds them lightly tolerable (due to low sodium) etc. She knows they will help keep her nutritionally sound, with what she needs & most importantly, what she doesn't need which is a lot of...Potassium, Sodium & Phosphorus. Thank you for your very expedited service. Please have more discount codes for frequent customers!! TYSVM Arlette W.
MagicKitchen.com response: We are happy to let you know about our new Flex Subscription program, which does just that! (more discount codes for frequent customers!). Call us to find out more!

I received one of this packages that was completely defrosted when it arrived 3 days after the scheduled time, I reported it and they got a new shipment out in record time a day before it was scheduled. Thanks for the timely and easy help. Sue T.

Really good prices and can't wait to get my things. Gregory B.

Meatloaf was great and I have been satisfied with all the meals so far. They are filling and tasteful. I notice you need to microwave them more than the five minutes. Frances J.

Delicious... Low salt diet. Quick service.Lora

I'm really hoping the Magic Cups will be a nutritional boost for my friend who is battling stage 4 cancer. I only wish shipping could be a little more economical. Other than that, the shopping experience was great!Courtney D.

I have ordered food from MagicKitchen.com twice now. The food is terrific! As good as restaurant entrees. So easy for me because I am single and order a la carte.Sheila G.

We have been satisfied, repeat customers of MagicKitchen.com for over a year. First of all, the customer service is unfailingly excellent, friendly and efficient. The food is often great but some things are not to our taste or standards. We usually order a la carte as the portions on the complete meals are on the small side. We are rarely disappointed but the beef bourguignon was woefully short on beef. Other dishes such as the lamb shank or the chicken pot pie are restaurant quality every time. We make note of what dishes are our favorites so we can be sure to order them again. Initially we tried a competing meal service which requires subscriptions. There was no comparison to the quality of both the food and the service at MagicKitchen.com and the required subscription was a real hassle to manage. We also enjoy the benefits of the Magic Moola loyalty program and saved $50 on our most recent order. Whenever possible we recommend MagicKitchen.com to our friends. Thanks for many delicious meals. Sheila D.

I have known of the Magic Kitchen "Magic Cups" for over a decade now. While I initially used them in a nursing home for the residents that I oversaw, I now find myself ordering them from MagicKitchen.com for my elderly father. I've known for years that they help when a person is not wanting to eat properly. I've known of times that the only thing they WILL eat is ice cream, and this is where the magic cups come into play. You cannot beat this product for its taste, and amount of protein, calcium and calories that it gives back to an aged body. This is the first time using their website, and I have to admit that I am very satisfied with the ease of finding the products that I was wanting and ordering them. Thank you Magic Kitchen for the wonderful products that you make available to all of us! Susanne G.

Meatloaf was great and I have been satisfied with all the meals so far. They are filling and tasteful. I notice you need to microwave them more than the five minutes. Frances J.

Happy customer for a number of months...diabetic dinners...last delivery sour Brussels spouts & potatoes, & moldy carrots in 4 out of 14 meals. Hoping for reimbursement / meal credit / better total results because I'd like to stick with this service. Kenneth G.
MagicKitchen.com response: We appreciate your business and do apologize for the issue. Customer service has reached out to this customer to give him a refund for the spoiled meals, and will investigate.

I placed an order this morning and already know I’ll be happy with the meals. I have had them before. Some that I really like were out of stock so I know many others like them. Then I called to learn how to redeem my reward points and the Rep was so helpful and nice and deducted the value of my points from today’s order. I am very pleased dealing with MagicKitchen.com Erna F.

I have been a customer of MagicKitchen.com for about 2 years. It is so easy to select and purchase meals. My orders always arrive on time and in excellent condition. MagicKitchen.com has made it possible for me to lose weight and reduce my sodium intake. I couldn't be happier with the results! The meals are tasty, easy to prepare, and satisfying. Susan M.

This is the perfect service to send to friends and family dealing with illness or injury. I’ve done this quite a few times now and they are so appreciative to have a great meal that just needs heating up! Tiffany S.

These renal meals are delicious and plentiful. Love the products. Thanks! Gaston L.

When I got covid, my friend sent me food from Magic Kitchen. I received a cooler filled with food - so far everything is delicious! Sylvie H.

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