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Having tried several food prep companies in the past two years MagicKitchen.com is by far the best. If it's not rated no. 1 it should be. Meals are delivered packed well and frozen. Meals are absolutely delicious, not one complaint. The variety is amazing also, not just the same 10 or 15 meals weekly but a wide variety and changing week to week. Larry F.

I am very happy with the foods I have tried. The eggplant parmigiana is excellent. When I saw there was no breading I thought oh no but it was one of the best. I can't believe it is low sodium. Just made another order. Marcia H.

Being on a low sodium diet I’ve had a difficult time in the past finding meals that were both low sodium with good portion size and that also tasted good. I came across MagicKitchen.com by accident and thought I would try it. I wasn’t expecting much with my first order but was so pleasantly surprised. All of the dinners I ordered were delicious and the portion sizes were more than enough for me. I just made my second order trying some different dinners that look equally as good. Ann S.

I purchased MagicKitchen for my grandparents as a gift last year and they loved it! Very happy with the purchase. Courtney C.

I sent a variety of food during a family members hospital stay. Rumor has is the crust-less quiche is a hit! Lynn M. J.

Chef prepared meals has been a life saver for my parents! Gregory P.

We were looking for something to send relatives in another state after a very tragic loss. Flowers are nice but they don't warm the soul like food does. MagicKitchen.com was an easy site to navigate and we really appreciated being able to send actual food instead of a gift certificate. The meals were loved, delicious, and timely. I adore the simplicity and the great quality of both food and service! Julie L.

Basically and primarily speaking...I am not a dessert lover/eater, and more hesitant than I should be to give "Reviews", however, I have just got to speak about your "Carrot-Zucchini-Walnut Muffins" And your "Pucker up Lemon Loaf". I am patiently waiting now for an additional order to arrive so that I can "Dig-in"/"Fork-in" to either of those two delicious and most tasteful pieces of desserts, again, than I can remember eating/have tasted in a while. They were, both, moist; not too sweet...very, very tasteful and enjoyable!!!! Thank you !!!!!! Mary J. P.

I just discovered Magic Kitchen. Ordering was super easy. I was able to see only the low-sodium options that I need and was very impressed with the large variety of entrees available. Website was easy to navigate. Linda

All meals are above average and are easily prepared even by a noncook. Some may be a little too flavorful such as the seafood and the enchilada soup. John S.

I filled out a review on line and gave a 5 Star report but after I reviewed my order, I realized that I had ordered and paid for (4) 3-packs of Lemon Sorbet but had only received 3 of the 3-packs in my shipment.
Kathy S.
MagicKitchen.com response: The customer was offered a replacement or a credit. A credit has been applied to this customer's account.

If it wasn't for your delicious easy to prepare foods I would starve. I've been a happy customer for almost a year now. Keep up the good work.
Madelyn B.

My mom has to have a low sodium diet and is a salt lover. Magic Kitchen has really helped to supplement her menu and has been a real lifesaver!
Valerie M.

I am not so happy with the food. Clams Linguini barely has any clams, dishes with chicken and turkey (which I love) were hard and not edible, dish with brisket should not be stringy and should have more flavor, eggplant needs to have skin removed. I feel like I could come into your kitchen and improve all f the dishes.
Elinor L.
MagicKitchen.com response: We’re sorry to hear that our meals were not up to your expectations. We guarantee the meals to the receiver’s satisfaction or we will replace the meals or refund the cost of the food. (This customer has already been given a credit for these meals.)

I would be lost without this food, It is delicious and I can get very low salt item and it involves just heating, no prep, which I'm now incapable of. It keeps me somewhat independent and fed without much work. Sue

We ordered the California beef stew, chicken & broccoli fettuccine, and meat lasagna - all three were delicious. Will order again. Highly recommend all three. John M.

My 84 year dad who lately was having poor appetite and losing weight has been really enjoying magic cup and his weight is improving. Thank you. P.G.

I ordered these for a friend, we can use to put some weight on. She enjoys cold food now. These look very creamy and delicious!
Joan W.

Food and service are both outstanding. I have tried several other food services and MagicKitchen.com is by far the best. They offer low sodium meals, which I need. Great variety of food selections. Such a relief to find food I can enjoy and so easy to prepare.
Diana S.

I buy from MagicKitchen.com for my mom. She has Alzheimer's and does not always know she is supposed to eat. Her doctor suggested Magic Kitchen because their meals are nutrition and calorie dense which is very much needed. She loves everything I've given her from Magic Kitchen. Pudding, muffins, corn bread, strawberry shake, pierogies. I like them too!
Christine M.

We have been using MagicKitchen.com as gifts for our clients and employees. The reviews and feedback have been phenomenal. When it comes to such gifts, we believe strongly in supporting companies who put an emphasis on quality and customer service, as is if it is an extension of our own brand. MagicKitchen.com continues to exceed even Mavendog expectations. Highly recommend.
Jon Vordermark -Mavendog.com

I ordered the bread pudding and it was delicious. Theresa R.

I enjoyed all the food I chose. Russ S.

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