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Signature Meals from Magic Kitchen

chicken cordon bleu, a great gift for new parents

Meals come and meals go from our menu, but these tend to stay, as they are customer favorites. A lot of them still fit into special diets, but our Signature line of portion controlled meals attempts to mirror our a la carte menu. So you'll find our Eggplant Parmigiana, but as a complete meal with creamy polenta alongside. Other favorites are Chicken Caponata over Orzo pasta, with chicken chunks in vegetable caponata for that Italian flair.

We offer seafood in our signature menu as well, with Salmon over Linguine and Crab Cakes. Feeling like a little south of the border food? Our Enchiladas in green sauce are not too spicy, but fulfill that need for Mexican cuisine, while still fitting into a low sodium and diabetic-friendly diet.

Signature meals are simply the best of the complete meals line. Top of the line ingredients, time and care make them worth the slightly higher pricetag. Complete meals, delivered and microwaveable, nutritious and oh so good. When you're looking for comfort food but are watching portion sizes, this is the menu for you. Simple, affordable and delivered right to your door.

What our Customers Say...

"Purchased this for my 90 year old mother - she loves these meals - usually can get 2 meals from each serving. Gives her some variety, easy to prepare, and best of all she loves them. The Magic Kitchen team are awesome and the service is wonderful. P.S. This is one of her favorites!"
~James T.

"One of my very favorite meals! The combination of salmon with orzo and caponata vegetables is quite unique and delicious!"
~Steven C.

"This was perfect" 
~Linda M.

"All I can say is I love the crab cakes. This is my treat, the crab cakes are excellent."
~Walterine Eugene F.