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Gluten Free Prepared Meals

gluten free prepared meals

Some people need gluten free home delivery because they have celiac disease, others are just gluten intolerant. Either way, they are pleased with our selection of meals. delivers frozen gluten free meals to your home or office. Most can be heated up easily in a microwave. (Look for the oven icon for the few dishes that need a conventional oven).

Our meals are made in smaller quantities, then flash frozen to seal in the nutrients and the flavor. Enjoy healthy prepared meals anytime, and free yourself from cooking. Tasty prepared gluten free food, delivered to your door and only a microwave away from a great dinner. Come visit us anytime!

What our Customers Say...

"Worth the time and effort to set up an account and use often. Had to order g gluten free premade meals. Good choices."

"I really liked the options for gluten free eating, as well as the portion size options (family and individual). We ordered from Magic Kitchen following my husband's brain surgery, and there was truly something for everyone. It made life a lot easier! Also, the gluten free cookies made my day!!!!"

"Thank you for the speedy results. The website was easy to use on my phone. You had gluten free options which are a must for my mother in law. I sent all 7 in time for Mother's Day since I cannot be up there to take her to dinner for Mother's Day. Thank you for a great gift!!" 

"Ordered the gluten free prepared meals for my daughter who lives in Fl. Ordering was easy, the items shipped on time and arrived quickly. No issues!"
~Kathy C.

"My mom turned me onto this site, because they have gluten-free meals (I have celiac disease). One of the issues is finding a variety of meals that I was once able to eat, but not anymore. Great and tasty meals. Easy reheating/defrosting instructions."