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Low Sodium Meal Options

The Low Sodium Meal delivery program from provides healthy, great-tasting and affordable meals right to your front door. Choose from hundreds of healthy, low-sodium meal options – all of which include a main course and 1-2 side dishes. We offer healthy eating plans designed for every palette, including favorite American, Italian and Mexican dishes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner available. makes meal delivery easy. Whether you need meals for a family member, or you're ordering for yourself, our meals are delivered right to your door, arrive flash-frozen to preserve freshness, and can be reheated in the microwave or oven in minutes.

Try it today. No commitments or contracts required. Just order your favorite low-sodium dishes – and they arrive in days.

Low Sodium Meal Delivery from

Recent research suggests a low sodium diet offers numerous health benefits. A reduced salt diet encourages healthier eating, promotes weight loss and combats high blood pressure. That's why low salt diets are commonly prescribed for hypertension sufferers.
Unfortunately, eating less salt is easier said than done. Many Americans already overconsume sodium, with some surveys suggesting adults consume about 3,400mg of sodium per day. That's roughly twice the American Heart Association's daily recommendation of 1,500-2,300 mg. (Which equals only about a teaspoon of table salt.)
Also, many convenient food options – like canned soup – are loaded with sodium. And sodium is hidden in so many foods and beverages, like diet sodas and cold cuts.
The good news: Meal deliveries enable anyone to eat great-tasting, nutritious, low-sodium foods – that can be prepared in minutes. delivers low sodium meals throughout the continental U.S. Our Complete Meals and ala carte dishes are designed by our chefs and dietitians to taste great, without all the salt. Our delivered meals:  

  • Can be re-heated in the microwave or oven in minutes
  • Feature less than 700mg sodium (with many options below 500mg)
  • Taste great, with numerous low- and reduced-sodium options
  • Get delivered right to your door!

Want to order low-salt meals to try it for yourself? offers plans and delivery options for households throughout the U.S. Start a low sodium diet today!

Nutritious, Low-Sodium Meals: Delivered to Your Home

At, we believe that healthy food can taste great. And we work hard to bring that philosophy to dining rooms around America.
Quality food matters to us. All of our healthy meals have been designed by chefs and dietitians, and they're prepared in small batches by our dedicated team. We flash freeze every dish to preserve taste, and use only the finest quality ingredients.

The result: Delicious, wholesome and low-sodium meals that we can deliver to any door in America.  When ordering with us, you can expect:  


Browse dozens of delicious and healthy options that fit every budget; meals cost, on average, $10-$15. Discounts on bulk orders!

Hand-Made for Quality

Our team of chefs prepares each meal in small batches in our production kitchen. We use quality ingredients – like hormone-free chicken and beef – in all our meals.

Freshness Guaranteed

After cooking, our meals are flash frozen to lock in the natural flavors and preserve freshness. Just reheat and eat! They taste like made-from-scratch dinners.

Numerous Options

We offer dozens of healthy options on our low-sodium diet plans, from comfort foods like cheese ravioli, to palette-pleasers like Beef Wellington.

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Our meals are designed to fit into your healthy eating plan: Low sodium, vegetarian, gluten-free, and diabetic friendly options available!

Low Salt, Big Flavor!

It's a common misconception that low salt = little taste. The truth is: Low sodium diets can be packed with rich and vibrant flavor. The key is utilizing flavorful ingredients and the right cooking techniques to draw out those natural flavors.
Our team of chefs are flavor technicians. They take food seriously, and work hard to design dishes that taste incredible. That's how we're able to deliver meals that pack a flavor punch – without being doused in salt.    
Our low sodium meals are perfect for anyone looking to:

  • Jumpstart a new, nutritious diet
  • Manage blood pressure by reducing salt
  • Lose weight with portion control and whole foods eating
  • Streamline meal preparation every day for fresh, healthy eating

How Our Meal Deliveries Work

We've simplified meal delivery and preparation to fit your busy lifestyle. Ordering, delivery and preparation are all convenient, and designed to make for hassle-free, healthy eating. We guarantee:

Fast, Easy Ordering

Place your order online, by email or phone. Set up recurring weekly orders, or choose one-time meal deliveries. No commitments or contracts!

Quick Shipping Right to Your Door

M ships throughout the continental U.S. Your meals arrive in a packed cooler on dry ice in 1-3 business days.

Re-Heat in Minutes

Preparation is easy. Defrost your low sodium dishes overnight in the refrigerator; then reheat in the microwave or oven in minutes. Browse our menu options now. We offer hundreds of delicious meal choices, including low-sodium favorites like eggplant parmigiana. Start an order today!

Our Meal Delivery Plans

1 Meal

Choose 1 complete meal per day: Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Cost: $75-$85 / week

2 Meal

Choose 2 complete meals per day: Breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.
Cost: $150-$165 / week

3 Meal

Choose 3 complete meals per day: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Cost: $225-$250 / week

About was founded to help everyone enjoy nutritious and delicious food! Since 2005, we've delivered meals throughout the U.S., and we now offer fast, convenient shipping throughout the entire continental U.S. If someone lives there, we're happy to ship our prepared meals to them!
Our company is driven to deliver healthy, diet friendly meals to everyone. In addition to our low-sodium meals, we offer a range of health-eating options, including:

Are you interested in starting a meal delivery plan for yourself or a family member? Get started in minutes, order your favorites and have them delivered to your door in days. We make low sodium, nutritious and delicious eating easy!