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Renal Diet: Meal Delivery Options

Keeping a renal diet is a critical part of your treatment if you’ve been diagnosed with renal disease. The diet will help you feel better, and it can ensure you avoid complications like fluid retention, unintentional weight loss, weakened bones, and irreversible kidney damage.
Unfortunately, the many restrictions make it hard to keep the diet and difficult to know what to eat. Fortunately, offers a solution – renal diet meals delivered right to your door!
Our renal diet menu has been created by our team of chefs and nutritionists. These meals are designed to fit the renal diet – and taste great. Plus, all of our meals are delivered right to your door! We make diabetic- and kidney-friendly eating simple. Our delivered meals:

  • Feature low levels of sodium (500-700mg), potassium (less than 700mg), and phosphorus
  • Include a main course and 1-2 side dishes
  • Taste delicious, with numerous great-tasting options
  • Are easy to re-heat in the microwave or oven
  • Can be delivered anywhere in the continental U.S.

Order our renal and diabetic friendly meals today. We offer meal plans and delivery options for every household! Breakfast, lunch and dinner available. Just heat & eat!

How the Renal Diet Helps

The kidneys play an important role in the body – it’s the body’s filter. All the food, drinks and medicine that we consume get filtered by the kidneys. Kidney disease diminishes this filtering function, causing waste to build up in the blood.
A renal diet – also known as the “kidney diet” or “dialysis diet” – is designed to limit specific nutrients like sodium, protein, potassium and phosphorus. This helps prevent waste from building up in the blood, and the diet offers numerous benefits, including:  

  • Improved kidney function
  • Slowed progression of kidney failure
  • Reduced hypertension
  • Diabetes management

Renal Diets: What You Can Eat

A healthy diet can reverse or slow the effects of chronic kidney diseases. Yet, these dietary changes require lifelong commitment; you’ll need to commit to eating the right foods for long-term results.
So what foods are great for the renal diet? Many fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are accepted by most renal diet plans. A few foods that are great include:

  • Blueberries – This snacking fruit is great for kidney function. Add these to your diet as often as you can! They are low in potassium and phosphorus.
  • Red Bell Peppers – These beautiful peppers are low in potassium and add a pop of flavor to any dish. Red peppers are also full of great vitamins including A, C, B6 and folic acid!
  • Strawberries – They never last long at my house! They are high in fiber and are an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese.
  • Onions – A wonderful, flavorful addition to any dish, onions are chock full of chromium which helps to metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The best part is they are low in potassium, making them a friend to our kidneys!

Nutrients You Should Watch

Fortunately, the renal diet doesn’t require drastic changes – you just need to limit several key nutrients. Your doctor or dietician can help you best determine which nutrients you need to limit.
The most commonly limited nutrients on the renal diet include: 


Too much salt can cause a number of problems, including swelling and hypertension. For people suffering from kidney disorders, sodium is particularly troublesome. It can build up in the blood – a condition called hypernatremia. The best way to reduce sodium: Avoid highly processed, fast foods.


Reduced renal function can cause dangerous levels of potassium to build up in the blood. That's why people with kidney disorders should try to avoid or limit foods high in potassium, like avocados, bananas and coconut.


A hazardous condition called hyperphosphatemia can occur when phosphorus levels in the blood rise abnormally. Many dialysis and CKD patients typically limit the nutrient, which can be found in nuts, beans, meats, and other high-protein foods.


With CKD and other kidney disorders, you'll want to stick to high-quality proteins. This includes foods like chicken, egg whites, beef and lean cuts of meat. But the key is the amount. Too much protein can be problematic. Your doctor or dietician can help you find the right amount of protein for your diet.

How Our Meal Delivery Program Works

You lead a busy life, and don’t have a lot of extra time to spend ordering foods and cooking at home.
That’s OK – we offer the perfect solution.’s renal menu meals can be ordered in minutes and they’re delivered right to your door! Choose us for:

Fast, Convenient Ordering

Place orders online, by phone or by email. Choose meal packages, or one-time deliveries. No sign-ups or contracts required!

Shipped Right to Your Door ships meals throughout the U.S. They arrive packed in a cooler with dry ice in 1-3 business days.

Heat Up in Minutes

We've made preparation easy. All of our renal and diabetic meals can be re-heated in the microwave or oven in just a few minutes!

Living with kidney disease is a struggle, but you can make it easier on yourself. Meal deliveries offer a convenient solution. And the good news: You don't have to give up flavor or variety – we offer a range of delicious and nutritious options. Start your order now!

What our Customers Say

This testimonial is on behalf of my mother that is currently CKD4. When she was first diagnosed and it was pretty evident she had to change her meals and lifestyle she was sad and confused as to what portions and items she could eat. Many times she just starved which was not good!

Her energy levels collapsed and we helped her find options. We found Magickitchen and to our family's relief you offered a variety of simple meals she can cook in the microwave. She has relied on these meals when she is too tired or confused on what to prepare for her meals that are consistent to CKD dietary guidelines.

She has had experience with these meals now for many months and has tried all the meals offered at least once. Her favorites and often requested for multiple include the Ravioli, Manicotti, Eggplant Parmigiana, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana and Meatloaf and Turkey Chili. She does not like the salmon or the tilapia (it was to dry in her opinion). Her favorite is the Eggplant Parmigiana.

She likes the serving sizes and feels comfortable knowing she can eat and enjoy the meal knowing she is within her dietary guidelines. She only eats one of these a day-- typically lunch. She would like to see a larger variety of meals-- perhaps a seafood that remains moist, spaghetti or a pasta primavera or even a hearty vegetarian option.

She misses Mexican food and often times wonders how much of serving can she have... perhaps offer a taco meal, soups, a rice meal, or some type of Asian fare? Overall she has enjoyed them- but would like a bit more variety on types of meals. Ordering is easy. Meals are a good value and are shipped in sturdy packaging. My mom likes the ease of coming home hungry and opening her freezer and warming up a nice meal for lunch. Thank you for bringing my mom peace of mind in her meal choices.

~ Evangelina P.