Top Ten Diabetic Superfoods

When you have diabetes, paying attention to your diet is an important part of controlling your blood sugar levels. Changing your diet to manage diabetes can be an adjustment. Foods like soft drinks, white bread, and sweet treats should be avoided, because they can cause extreme fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Fortunately, there are many healthy foods you can eat. Check out these top 10 superfoods for people with diabetes:

1. Fat-free dairy products

Dairy products do contain a form of sugar, called lactose. But only in small amounts. Fat-free dairy products like skim or non-fat milk, or sugar-free yogurt are safe for diabetics to eat.

2. Oranges, lemons, and limes

If you enjoy the citrusy taste of oranges, lemons, or limes, you can still eat these fruits. However, you'll want to avoid fruit juice, which typically contains added sugar. And grapefruit doesn't make the list because it can interfere with some medications.

citrus, lemons, limes and oranges, for diabetic health

3. Sweet potatoes

This healthy root vegetable can satisfy your craving for a starchy food without a rapid rise in blood sugar levels that white or red potatoes cause. It's already sweet, so skip the brown sugar.

4. Whole-grain breads, cereal, pasta, and rice

People who have diabetes should avoid white bread, white rice, and white pasta because these foods are made with refined carbohydrates. Your body quickly digests refined carbohydrates and converts it to glucose. Instead of eating foods made from refined grains, choose whole-grain breads, cereal, pasta, and rice. They digest slower and won't cause rapid changes in blood sugar.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a high-quality food that people with diabetes can enjoy without reservation. They're best eaten fresh or cooked. For canned tomato products, read labels carefully because they may contain added sugar.

tomatoes are a healthy part of a diabetic diet

6. Leafy-green vegetables

For most people with diabetes, leafy-green vegetables can be a regular part of your diet. Spinach, broccoli, kale, and collard greens taste great in salads, casseroles and other dishes. If you're on a blood-thinner medication, avoid leafy greens.

7. Legumes (beans and lentils)

Soaked in water and cooked, making your own dish with legumes or beans is great for people with diabetes. Beans are a good source of fiber and packed with other essential nutrients. If you're going to buy canned beans, check the food label for added sugar, and always rinse before using in a recipe.

legumes are a healthy part of a diabetic diet

8. Fish

If you have diabetes, eating fish once or twice a week is a healthy habit. Salmon, tuna, and trout are healthy fish high in omega-three fatty acids to consider adding to your menu.

9. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are great healthy snacks, and work well to complement a salad or add to a recipe for whole-grain bread or muffins. Nuts and seeds can be high in fat and calories, so just a handful a day is an adequate serving size.

nuts and seeds, for diabetic health

10. Berries.

Bananas aren't on the list because they high in sugar, along with a number of other fruits. Berries may be sweet, but they won't have much of an impact on blood sugar. Plus they're loaded with antioxidants.

berries, for diabetic health

Figuring out how to incorporate all these foods into your diet and add them to your shopping list for your next trip to the grocery store can make you wonder if there's an easier way to eat healthy when you have diabetes. Fortunately, there is. At we've created a collection of healthy and tasty recipes designed specifically to meet the dietary needs of people who have diabetes. Check out the Diabetic-Friendly Meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.