15 Cool Ways to Be More Active


Be more active. You’ve heard the advice before. But how are you doing when it comes to exercise?

If you start ticking off excuses that keep you from being active, you’re not alone. For a lot of people, the biggest excuse for exercise is this: “I don’t have time.”

But take a closer look at how you’re using all 24 hours in a day, and chances are pretty good you’ve got a 30 to 60 minute window of time you could use to make it happen.

Agree? If you’re not getting enough exercise, you’re not alone. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Aerobic exercise. Only 53% of adults get the minimum amount of aerobic exercise: Moderate aerobic activity for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Strength training. Only 23% of adults get the minimum amount of strength-training exercise. The guidelines: Do resistance exercises to strengthen your muscles at least two days a week.

If you’re willing to find time to exercise, maybe going for a walk, jog, run or workout out at the gym isn’t something you enjoy.

Fortunately you don’t have to walk, jog, run or lift weights to get the exercise you need.

As long as you’re moving your body enough to elevate your heart rate for up to an hour at a time, you’re exercising.

If you don’t like the old-school way of exercising, don’t do it. Instead, check out these 15 cool ways to be more active. (FYI…you might need some equipment or gear):

  1. Roller Skating
  2. Trampoline
  3. Ice Skating
  4. Skateboarding
  5. Roller Skiing
  6. Kickboxing
  7. Horseback Riding
  8. Fencing
  9. Rock Climbing
  10. Parkour
  11. Frisbee Golf
  12. Surfing
  13. Kite Boarding
  14. Street Luge
  15. Tai Chi

Looking for unconventional ways to be more active? Pick one of these fun sport ideas and give it a try.

You’ll work up an appetite, so you’ll need something to eat when you’re done. And we’ve got you covered.

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