3 Food Rules to Tip the Scale in the Right Direction


3 Simple Food Rules to Lose Weight - Weight Management Tips

If you’re trying to manage your weight, lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight, there’s more than one way to do it. For example:

Regular exercise can help burn extra calories.

Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night can help improve metabolism, and regulate hormones linked to appetite and hunger.

Managing stress in healthy ways, can help you avoid stress eating and reduce hormone levels linked to weight gain

Tracking calories, meals, and snacks, can help you make better food choices

These healthy-lifestyle choices can help you manage your weight. But what about your food choices and your diet? What food rules should you follow to help tip the scale in the right direction?

There are three to keep in mind.

1. Eat more fiber-rich foods

This primarily includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Eating fiber-rich foods helps you feel fuller longer, supports digestion, and helps with weight loss and weight management. For best health, men need at least 38 grams of fiber per day; 25 grams per day for women.

2. Get adequate protein

The most effective weight management plans combine healthy eating and regular exercise. And if you’re exercising more, you need adequate protein to repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Most adults need a minimum of about 50g of protein per day, more depending on your body type and activity level. Some high-protein foods include lean meats, fish, chicken, turkey, and beans.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Instead of cutting out all the less-than-healthy foods you enjoy, focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. They’re high in vitamins and nutrients, but low in calories. For most people, restricting foods you enjoy only makes you crave them more and leads to binge eating. Don’t do that, OK. Just add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Eating healthy to manage your weight doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s actually pretty simple. And we’ve made it even easier. Check out the Portion-Control menu of carefully-planned meals made from fresh ingredients to make meal prep simple, cooking easy, and weight management enjoyable and tasty.