Three Tips for Adjusting to Life with Dialysis


For those living with chronic kidney disease, going on dialysis is both a lifesaver and a challenge. Lifestyle may dramatically change, and it's both physically and mentally draining. However, it is more than possible to live a wonderful life on dialysis. With these three tips for living with dialysis, you can become more positive and increase your quality of life.

1. Get Actively Involved in Your Treatment

Constantly having appointments and being told what to do by physicians can feel overwhelming (to say the least). Instructions can get confusing, you may forget things, and some explanations and medical terms can go right over your head. Take control of your treatment and become actively involved in the decisions and process. Ask your doctor questions, do your research, schedule your medications, and communicate what’s working and not working for you in your treatment plan. That gives you a sense of control over your own health and makes you feel more motivated, confident, and independent.

2. Don’t Put Life on Pause

Life with dialysis requires some lifestyle changes, such as diet and liquid restrictions. Treatment can be exhausting, and you may be worried about going out with friends and loved ones. However, you shouldn’t put life on pause. Instead of going out for drinks or meals all the time, suggest to your friends and family to go on walks or try a new activity. Speak with your doctor about any physical exercise you want to try to ensure it's safe. But in general, exercise will do wonders for both your physical and mental health.

3. Stay on a Dialysis-Friendly Diet

A dialysis-friendly diet is important for kidney health, overall health, and feeling your best. However, suddenly having limitations on sodium, phosphorus, and potassium requires some research on different recipes and foods you can eat. has a list of delicious dialysis-friendly meals that meet all the requirements. It makes adjusting to life on dialysis a lot easier!

All habits take time to build, and these dialysis-friendly lifestyle changes are no different. However, learning to live with dialysis instead of surrendering to it can significantly improve your quality of life, both mentally and physically.