4 Reasons to Avoid Ultra-Processed Foods


4 Reasons to Avoid Ultra-Processed Foods

You hungry? It’s a slippery slope if you head to the grocery store or nearest restaurant when you’re feeling the need to eat.

Why? You’re a lot more likely to grab some ultra-processed food to satisfy your cravings. You know...pizza, burgers, french fries, baked goodies, chips, crackers, and more.

Sure, you’ll get a temporary hit of happiness, because ultra-processed foods are designed to taste good. But you’ll also be putting your health at risk.

There are at least four reasons to avoid ultra-processed foods:

1. They’re high in fat, sugar, and salt
If you’re trying to eat healthy, these foods are far from it. They’re packed with fat, sugar, and salt (choose Low-Sodium foods instead). Your taste buds know it instantly, and you keep craving more. And it’s no secret that too much fat, sugar, and salt in your diet can lead to a long list of health problems linked to poor diet.

2. Eating ultra-processed foods increases obesity risk
If you’re trying to keep your weight in check, avoid ultra-processed foods. Why? They’re high in calories, but low in nutritional value. Ever sit down with a bag of chips thinking you’ll just eat a few, and before you know it, the entire bag is gone? Don’t do that, OK. It’s a recipe for obesity and chronic disease.

3. Many ultra-processed foods are stripped of nutrients
It’s true. Here are some examples: white bread, white rice, sugary cereal and oatmeal. You might think these foods are healthy, because they’re made with wheat. But most of the nutritional value is stripped away when the wheat is processed. Canned and processed fruit usually loses nutritional value, too.

4. Ultra-processed foods may contain harmful additives
Pick up a food package. Read the ingredients. If there’s a long list of words you can’t pronounce that look more like a science-lab experiment than food, it’s probably ultra-processed and contains harmful additives. Some additives, like nitrates, have even been linked to certain types of cancer.

Skip ultra-processed foods and Eat Fresh

It’s easy. Just pick your favorite Low-Sodium meals from the menu. (They’re all made from fresh ingredients and ready to eat in minutes.) And let us do the rest. All you have to do is eat, enjoy, and be healthier.