5 Tips to Manage Renal Disease with Mindful Eating


When you have renal disease, you still have some kidney function remaining. But to protect the kidney function you have left, you have to make smart choices.

Those choices include things like limiting fluids and the amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein you consume. Taking medications, and adopting other lifestyle habits can help, too. But it’s often your food choices that have the biggest impact on managing renal disease.

If you’re careless about what you eat, your risk for complications rises, including total kidney failure and the need for dialysis. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Mindful eating can make a difference. Here are some kidney disease diet tips you can try:

  • 1. Give your mood a checkup.

    Are you really hungry? If you are, enjoy a Renal-Friendly mea. If you’re not, something else may be triggering your craving to eat. And that can be a problem. If you’re eating for emotional reasons, you’re a lot more likely to indulge in the type of comfort foods (cookies, cake, chocolate, sugar) that only make problems associated with renal disease worse. If that’s your reason, stop, think, and choose. A brief distraction like hoga, walking, or calling a friend can help you avoid emotional eating.

  • 2. Just say no to TV

    while eating. If you’re active throughout the day, or get regular exercise, there’s nothing terribly wrong with watching a little TV. But here’s the secret to TV and renal disease. Don’t watch it while eating. Why? You’re more likely to overeat and eat less than healthy foods without really even realizing it.

  • 3. Keep track of what you eat.

    It’s a powerful way to help you be more mindful of what you eat. It’s a great way to help you identify food triggers. This practice will also help you recognize trends in your diet that may not be renal friendly (as in foods high in sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein). Write down what you eat, or keep track with a food app like MyFitness Pal. Then make adjustments to keep your diet on track.

  • 4. Practice portion control.

    Did you know most restaurants meals include enough food for two servings? And most people have a poor concept of what a serving size looks like. Use smaller plates. Use a food scale to weigh your food. Read food labels for serving size information. You’ll be more likely to avoid overeating this way.

  • 5. Plan ahead.

    One of the easiest ways for your diet to go off track is eating without a plan. You’re hungry and in a rush, so you grab something to eat from the nearest drive-thru. Don’t do that. It’s tough to follow a Renal-Friendly diet that way. Instead, plan ahead. Pick your favorite Renal-Friendly meals from the menu, stock up, and let us handle the rest. You’ll have a healthy meal ready in minutes.

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