5 Ways to Celebrate Gluten-Free Holidays


Wondering how to celebrate the holidays gluten-free?

If you’ve ever felt like everything at the holiday party is off limits, you’re not alone. Not everybody understands why Christmas gluten-free food options are important.

But if you’re allergic to gluten or have celiac disease, it’s critical to steer clear of gluten, cross contamination, and even trace amounts.

So how do you celebrate the holidays on a Gluten-Free Diet?

Here are some things you can do:

1. Enjoy the turkey

It’s typically gluten-free. Although you’ll want to find out what it’s been seasoned, how it was marinated, or if it contains breaded stuffing. Check out this gluten-free holiday option:

2. Have a slice of ham

If there’s ham at your holiday meal, it’s another good gluten-free option. But if it’s covered in glazed, you need to find out what type of glaze before you take a bite. Why? Some glazed used to cook ham is made with wheat starch, which contains gluten.

3. Dish up some mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes

Here’s another popular gluten-free dish you’ll often find at the holiday meal….mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes (some of these gluten-free meals include potatoes).

If you’re eating mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes someone else prepared, find out if there’s any added ingredients. Some cooks add a little flour, which contains gluten.

4. Load your holiday plate for fruits and vegetables

Here’s your go-to for every gluten-free holiday meal. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Take a look at the Gluten-Free menu, and you’ll find meals with broccoli, carrots, brussels sprouts, asparagus, green beans, black beans, corn, tomatoes, lima beans, potatoes, ginger, and more.

5. If you’re worried about being exposed to gluten at the holiday meal…

  • Offer to host the party and prepare a gluten-free meal.
  • Ask your guests to bring gluten-free options like a fruit or veggie tray, wine or drinks.
  • If you’re attending an event, find out if there are gluten-free options.
  • For family and friends who may not understand what gluten-free means, offer a kind and thoughtful explanation and ask for their help.
You can enjoy the holidays and stick to a Gluten-Free diet.