5 Ways to Move More Every Day


From work meetings to making three meals a day, life is busy enough as it is. Who has time for exercise? If you struggle to find time to go to the gym or work out, you can still fit in some movements daily. Here are some easy ways to exercise and move more every day.

Exercise While Watching TV

Who doesn’t love to sit by the TV at the end of a long day? Instead of lying down on the sofa, try to fit in some exercises while watching. You can walk on the treadmill or do a few sit-ups during the commercial breaks. You can also do some light stretching or yoga. The time passes quickly thanks to your show, and before you know it you’ve done a full workout.

Park Further Away

Next time you go to the mall or grocery store, find a parking spot further away from the entrance and walk. We know it seems inconvenient, but it’s an easy way to get some steps in! If you take the bus and have some extra time, get off one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Pace When You’re on the Phone

Whether it’s a meeting or you’re catching up with a friend, walk around next time you’re on the phone. Pace around your house or take the call outside and go for a walk. It’s the perfect way to multitask, and before you know it, those steps add up! It also encourages you to get some fresh air, which will help clear your mind and decrease stress.

Take the Stairs

It’s a simple hack that’ll significantly increase your daily steps— instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Not only do you get those steps in, but walking uphill helps activate those lower body muscles as well. After a few flights of stairs, you’ll feel those leg muscles burning!

Dance it Out!

Few things are better than having a feel-good dance party in your room. Play your favorite music and dance it out! You’re guaranteed to be in a better mood afterward, and it’s an incredible workout. From jumping to waving those arms around, you’ll get lots of movement in!