Renal Diet - Coffee Safe to Drink for People With ADPKD


Don't drink the coffee. That's been the consensus for people living with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease for years.

That's tough to swallow if you enjoy the taste of coffee, like the antioxidant benefits it provides, or enjoy the pick-me-up from its caffeine content. That's been the consensus on coffee and ADPKD.

Why? Past studies on PKD in vitro showed that caffeine for those with the inherited condition could cause cysts to develop, fill with fluid, interfere with kidney function, and lead to enlarged kidneys and renal disease.

Fortunately researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland decided it was time to test this lab-based theory on real people. Laura Girardat-Rotar and her research team followed 151 ADPKD patients for 4.38 years. They tracked their coffee-drinking habits and monitored patients to identify any patterns in kidney function or renal disease.

And you know what they found? Nothing. ADPKD patients who drank coffee didn't show any increase in risk for renal disease, kidney size, or complications typically associated with this condition.

So can you drink coffee with kidney disease? If you have ADPKD or renal disease, it appears safe to enjoy a cup of coffee without experience severe side effects that could lead to permanent kidney damage.

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Just don't forget the coffee.