Christmas Dinner Delivery

Christmas Dinner Delivered

Some years you don't have time to cook a big Christmas meal. It could be that you are simply too busy, but still want to have a sit down dinner on Christmas Day.

Maybe you are empty nesters, and just don't feel like cooking a big turkey for two. Or your children can't make it home, and you want to supply them with a meal.

Regardless of your circumstances, has a quality, chef-prepared frozen Christmas dinner waiting for you.

The menu changes from year to year, but always includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, French green beans with mushroom sauce, and pumpkin pie, usually with other choices!

We also have Christmas dinner sizes for one or two people. Do come by and see our online menu! Merry Christmas! See our special diet options below.

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The main courses include a variety of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian servings. If your taste is in meat, the choices include Prime Rib and BBQ Beef Brisket, or the wildly popular beef stroganoff with pasta.

If poultry is your style, the menu includes Chicken Ana Luisa which has chicken breast stuffed with cheese and rich cream sauce. It also includes the tender breast of Chicken wrapped in Artichoke with spinach and cheese. A recent favorite among our regulars is the succulent chicken breast parmigiana that comes smothered in cheese and tomato sauce. And if you really must have turkey for Christmas, that's fine by us. We will deliver any portion of thickly sliced naturally roasted turkey breast covered with oodles of flavorful turkey gravy.

You could also have a seafood Christmas dinner prepared & delivered to your home. Like, the low fat baby clams with linguini marinara. Or the Blue Crab cakes. And for the vegetarians in the house, you can now have a ready-made Christmas meal of fire-roasted vegetable en croute in puff pastry. Or our flavorful mushrooms in a rich tomato sauce shiitake mushroom ravioli. Or the spinach mushroom lasagna with light pesto sauce.

The desserts part of our prepared Christmas dinner delivery include chocolate and carrot cakes and fudge brownies. Oh, and creamy Panna Cotta and Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding with Caramel-Rum Sauce.

And you can have a single-serving Christmas dinner delivered to your door or you can choose the family size meals bundles for between 3 and 8 servings.

Special Diet Christmas Dinner Home Delivery

Our Christmas menu home delivery also includes the famous special diet meals. You can, for example, order a Christmas dinner delivery of the special diet meals for seniors. Also in the menu of the Christmas dinner delivery are portion controlled meals, low sodium meals and diabetes friendly meals. You can also order renal diet meals or dialysis friendly meals.

All special diet meals are prepared for the specific nutritional needs of people with any of those special conditions, down to the right sodium content and portion requirements. Try our ready-made Christmas meals!

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