Gluten-free Flour May Help Celiac Patients


If you have Celiac disease, or someone you know has an allergy to gluten, you know it requires a major change in eating habits to manage the condition. You've got to avoid foods that contain gluten, which include any foods made from spelt, barley, wheat, and rye. But take a closer look at the list of ingredients in processed foods, and you'll be surprised at how many unsuspecting foods actually contain gluten.

Sure, a lot of cereal, breads, and pastas contain gluten. But did you know gluten is even found in things like medications, pickles, gravy, soups, gravy, bleu cheese, hot dogs, soy sauce, hot chocolate, and French fries?

To protect your health when you have Celiac disease, you have to become highly aware of what you're eating to avoid gluten. But what if you want to eat some kind of grain-based foods? Store-bought options might work. What about gluten-free options made from locally-grown grains? If you eat foods made from gluten-free flour produced from grains like rice and corn, it may also help you manage Celiac disease.

Researchers in Pakistan did just that. They made gluten-free flour from rice, corn, and daal mung beans and used it to make grain-based foods for about 50 people in a study. They included gluten-free flour in their diet for four months. Researchers found benefits of gluten-free flour. Everyone in the study improved their diet, did a better job avoiding foods that contain gluten, and ate healthier foods more frequently than they had been.

If you're up to the challenge to make your own gluten-free breads, pastas, and cereals from gluten-free flour, go for it. But if you're like most people, you need an easier way to maintain a gluten-free diet. Fortunately, more and more stores now carry gluten-free foods.

At, we have 18 gluten-free meals and snacks you can enjoy like Grilled Pesto Chicken Breast Patty with Carrots and Brussel Sprouts, Stuffed Peppers and Mixed Vegetables, or the Cheese Omelet with Hashbrowns and Broccoli to name a few. Note: these meals haven't been lab tested, but we have many gluten-free customers who have enjoyed these meals for years.