Are You Sure That Food is Gluten Free?

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Whatever your reasons for following a Gluten-Free diet (personal preference, sensitivity to gluten, or diagnosed Celiac disease), it’s not always easy to know if the food you’re eating is gluten-free or not.

If you prepare all your meals at home using fresh ingredients, you’re probably pretty close to living gluten-free. But if you have lunch at a friend’s house, go out to dinner, or take a road trip with stops for meals and snacks, it’s a lot harder to avoid gluten.

Why? Lots of packaged foods and restaurant meals are made with gluten. And that means you need to be vigilant about reading food labels, or checking online for ingredient information before you eat.

Here’s a quick reference list of ingredients that you’ll want to avoid. If one of these ingredients is listed on a food label, it contains gluten:

  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Rye

For example, most couscous, freekeh, and soy sauce are all made from one of these ingredients. Even if the label doesn’t list gluten as an ingredient, avoid foods with these three ingredients, or find a gluten-free alternative. (FYI - these ingredients are gluten free)

Other common foods that are sometimes made with gluten include some beers, cheese, oats, and whey powder. Not sure? Don’t risk it. Read the food label or look up the ingredient information online. And if you can’t verify it’s gluten free, you should avoid it.

If cooking every meal at home to follow a Gluten-Free diet sounds a little too time consuming, you’re not alone. But you need to eat, right? So how can you make it a little easier?

We’ve been serving our Gluten-Free meals to customers for years. And while these meals aren’t certified gluten free, there aren’t any of the must-avoid ingredients in these recipes. Need a break from the grind of preparing all your meals just to live gluten free?

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