Got Diabetes? Avoid or Limit Alcohol for Long-Term Weight Loss


Want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight with diabetes? There’s a few things you should do.

1. Be more active.

You don’t have to run a marathon or climb a mountain. But you should be active for 30 to 60 minutes a day. Take a walk. Always use the stairs. Attend a fitness class or go to the gym. You’ll burn calories and fat to help manage your weight.

2. Make smart food choices.

Your diet matters, too. When you have diabetes, it’s important to make food choices that keep your blood glucose levels in check. Most of your food should come from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and legumes.

Not sure what to make for breakfast, lunch of dinner? Check out the Diabetic-Friendly menu for meals made with fresh ingredients and ready to eat in minutes.

3. Avoid or limit alcohol.

Here’s the thing. Toss back a couple of beers, and you’re chugging about 300 empty calories...and carbohydrates that will quickly spike blood sugar levels. Or sip your way through a glass or two of red wine, and it’s about the same.. That might not seem like much, but it adds up. One pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. Need more proof less alcohol is better for weight management?

In a recent study published in the journal Obesity, researchers followed about 5,000 people with diabetes for a year. They found that people who drank occasionally or not at all lost the most weight, while heavy drinkers tipped the scale in the wrong direction.

If you do decide to drink, stick to U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Adults. No more than one drink per day for women, zero if pregnant. And no more than two drinks per day for men.

One more thing...if you are looking for a healthy meal to pair with a glass of wine, try the Salmon & Vegetable Linguini.