COVID-19 Tips for People with Kidney Disease


Kidney disease increases the risk of severe COVID symptoms because the immune system is compromised. If you have kidney disease, there’s no need to live in fear, but there are a few things you can do to stay safe and healthy.

Get Vaccinated

The best protection we have against COVID is vaccinations. Get your shots on time— because kidney disease puts you at a higher risk, you are also eligible for your booster shot. Getting the complete dosage of the vaccine is important because an incomplete dose may not give you enough protection against COVID. Speak to your close friends and family about getting vaccinated to reduce the risk of them transmitting the virus to you.

Follow Government Guidelines

While restrictions are easing worldwide, practice more precautions if you have kidney disease and are at a greater risk. For example, patients on immunosuppressive medication should limit their interactions and social outings. Wear face masks in public, maintain social distancing, and avoid crowded places when possible. Wash your hands regularly and bring sanitizer with you. If your workplace is asking people to return to the office, let them know that you are more vulnerable to COVID and that you feel safer working from home.

Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D has protective effects against COVID because of its role in strengthening the immune system. Studies have shown that individuals with high vitamin D levels are less likely to test positive for COVID and experience severe COVID symptoms. As with any supplements, speak to your kidney doctor before taking vitamin D supplements.

Keep Doctor’s Appointments

While it might feel scary to get outside and go to a clinic during COVID, it’s important that you continue to show up for your doctor’s appointments. The risk of skipping appointments could outweigh the risks of COVID. Many follow-ups could be online these days, so you won’t have to see your doctor in person every time.