Diabetes Tech Tools 2017


When you reach that point of managing high blood sugar levels that requires daily monitoring of glucose levels, you need a way to measure and track fluctuations. It wasn’t that long ago that this was a cumbersome process.

Fortunately, technology has made it increasingly easier to monitor blood sugar levels in real time throughout the day, so you can made necessary adjustments to protect your health. And now three new tech tools have debuted to help you manage diabetes even better.

Livongo meter

In terms of technology, Livongo is the pioneer in blood glucose monitoring. The Livongo meter is actually the first of its kind that can be updated via a wireless connection to get the latest software and feature upgrades. How does it help you manage diabetes? The device has a bright, easy-to-read touchscreen display. There’s a built-in ordering system to restock test strips. When you complete a test, your results are stored and evaluated. And you’ll get real time feedback about the results, along with recommendations to improve glucose levels. It’s loaded with fun facts to help you learn more about your health and diabetes management and integrates all your data seamlessly with a mobile app. And then there’s diabetes coaching. Just send a message to the Livongo team, and you’ll get advice from a team of experts about how to manage your specific situation to control blood sugar levels.

mySugr Coaching app

If you want to tap into an amazing resource to help you manage diabetes, check out the mySugr Coaching app. You’ll get access to well-known diabetes educator and author Gary Scheiner (who wrote the book, Think Like a Pancreas) and his team, who will answer all your questions.

Paired with a compatible device, the mySugr Coaching app automatically captures your blood glucose history, making it easy for coaches to review your data. But besides the tech here, it's access to expert coaching that can make all the difference when it comes to managing diabetes. Perfect for those newly diagnosed with diabetes, or people who have been living with diabetes for years and need a boost to improve their diet and lifestyle habits to control it.

One Drop Premium

One Drop Premium is another blood glucose monitor that combines functionality with technology and coaching to help you manage diabetes. The monthly subscription includes unlimited test strips, ordered through an online interface. And you can connect with a team of expert diabetes educators day or night, to ask questions or get advice and encouragement to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

When you have diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels under control is critical to your health. It becomes part of your lifestyle. Technology can help. Your sleep habits, weight, exercise activity, and many other factors can also influence fluctuations in blood sugar levels. One major factor you can control to manage diabetes is your diet. Check out the selection of Diabetic-Friendly meals to stay on track.