Healthy habits for Dialysis Patients


Dialysis: Healthy Habits to Follow

When 21-year-old Delaware resident David Davis was diagnosed with kidney disease and began receiving dialysis treatments, his future was up in the air. Most patients who need dialysis treatment spend four hours, three days a week hooked up to a dialysis machine designed to remove toxins and excess fluid from the blood. Would he be able to hold a job, raise a family, and still enjoy life?

He decided that the only way he was going to make it was to take his doctor's orders seriously. That meant taking his medications, limiting fluids and foods high in sodium, phosphorous, and potassium, and getting the right amount of protein.

At first it was hard to change his eating habits, but he was motivated to stay in good health to be there for his family. Despite a busy schedule, he made it a point to keep every dialysis appointment to maintain the remaining kidney function that he did have. And he made physical activity a regular part of his life. It was these simple day-to-day habits that made all the difference.

He enjoyed a successful career and raised a family. And now he enjoys spending time with his grandkids. He was even recognized by the American Association of Kidney Patients for living a healthy lifestyle after 25-plus years on dialysis.

If you're on dialysis, your kidneys, and your body, need all the help they can get to protect your health. When you take your medications, follow a diet designed for dialysis patients, and live a healthy lifestyle, you're giving your body the best you have to offer to preserve your quality of life.

Keep your appointments, take your medications, stick to the eating plan, and stay active. That's what helped Davis make it 25-plus-years and counting. And if you need a little help choosing food and meals that meet your needs, check out The Dialysis-Friendly Meals are designed with you in mind. You'll find dozens of healthy and tasty meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.