AKF Donations Help Dialysis Patients Affected by Hurricanes


Get to the dialysis clinic at least three times a week. Take medication to help manage chronic kidney disease. Run your own dialysis machine at home. And eat all the right foods low in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus to protect your health.

That's what the day-to-day schedule looked like for most people on dialysis in Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas when devastating hurricanes Maria and Harvey swept through taking out power, cutting off food and water supplies, and in some cases completely destroying homes and businesses.

Without medication and access to dialysis treatments, it's a serious situation for people living with chronic kidney disease. And it's why the American Kidney Fund stepped into action in the aftermath of these hurricanes.

To date, the AKF has raised an estimated $379,000 to help dialysis patients in the affected areas through public and private donations. The funds are helping dialysis patients with basic needs like Dialysis-Friendly foods, clothing, transportation to dialysis clinics, medication, and supplies.

The AKF is also working with affected dialysis clinics to provide access to fuel and generators so they can continue to operate, and provide lifesaving dialysis treatments for patients.

If you require dialysis treatment, or care for someone who does, these hurricanes are a good reminder to have an emergency plan in place. Without regular dialysis treatments and medication, patients with kidney failure risk serious health problems.

Planning ahead can help minimize the impact of a natural disaster like this. And thankfully, there are organizations like the American Kidney Fund that are committed to providing aid and relief to people in need.

If you want to help dialysis patients in Hurricane-affected areas, you can still donate to the American Kidney Fund.