The Food Fix for Feeling Hangry


You know the feeling. It’s been a while since you last ate. Probably too long.

And you’re feeling on edge. Maybe you’ve got a raging headache. Or your stomach is starting to eat itself, and everyone can hear it. And if you don’t eat something soon, there’s no telling what might happen.

Been there, done that? Know the feeling?

It’s hunger and anger mixed together in a boiling pot of hangry.

Is it a real condition? Your body certainly knows when you’re hungry, and sends cues from your stomach to your brain demanding sustenance.

But research shows, being hangry is more a state of mind than an actual physiological response. Pay attention to your emotions and your hunger level, and chances are pretty good you won’t experience the crazed effect of being hangry.

So let’s say you’re not the best at controlling your emotions when you’re hangry. (It’s just a hypothetical, we’re not pointing any fingers here.)

Is there anything you can change in your diet or eating habits to avoid being hangry?

Yes. There’s two primary ways to adjust your diet to prevent entering the Hanger Games.

  1. Eat more often. Have a small meal or snack every 3 to 4 hours.
  2. Pay attention to macronutrients. It’s the combination of protein, fats and carbs in the food you eat.

When you make these two eating strategies part of your diet, you’ll feel fuller longer. And you’ll avoid the rise and fall of blood sugar levels, which can affect your emotions.

Ever seen a toddler go berzerk in a fit of hangriness? That’s typically a hangry combo of not eating frequently enough, and hitting a blood sugar low.

So don’t do that, OK. Skip the vending machine, quickie-mart junk food, and the drive-thru, and eat healthy foods and snacks.

If the thought of that is stressing you out, maybe even raising your hangry meter, we can help. Check out the complete list of meals, snacks, sides, and even healthier desserts at Pick your favorites, stock your freezer, and you’ll never feel hangry again.