Foods to Love If You Are on Dialysis


Best Foods for Dialysis Patients

Take a look at the evolution of any restaurant menu, and you’re bound to find some entrees that people are always hungry for.

On our Dialysis-Friendly Menu, two of those favorites include Eggplant Parmigiana with Whole Wheat Rigatoni and Spinach Mushroom Lasagna with Garlic Green Beans. Two Italian-inspired entrees that are low in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus, to protect your health.

But our team of professional chefs never seems to be satisfied with the status quo. And we’re always receiving customer requests for new and different dishes. Know what that means? The chefs are always busy in the test kitchen formulating new recipes and making small adjustments until the taste-test committee is fully satisfied.

In fact, they’ve recently perfected five new recipes now available on our Dialysis-Friendly menu. And there’s a little something for everyone.

Breakfast Lovers

Is breakfast your favorite meal? Then you’ll want to try the Cheese Omelet & Salsa with Broccoli & Hash Browns or the Egg, Waffle, & Sausage with Sweet Potatoes & Cinnamon Apples. You’ll also find some long-time breakfast favorites on the menu like the Breakfast Scramble, original Cheese Omelet, Fried Egg Patties, Plain Omelet, and Whole-Grain Pancake.

dialysis meals

Seafood Fans

We’ve added two new seafood entrees to the 30-plus meals on our Dialysis-Friendly menu. Give these a try. Breaded Haddock with Lemon Cilantro Rice, Carrots & Peas or Crab Cake, Brown Rice & Mixed Vegetables. You’ll also find entrees with tilapia and salmon on the menu.

dialysis meals

Poultry Picks

The newest addition to our main-dish meals with poultry is Diced Chicken with Rotini Pasta in Pesto Sauce, Broccoli & Carrots. Check out the selection, and you’ll find 11 more entrees made with chicken, and three made with turkey.

dialysis meals

It’s no secret that you have to adjust your diet when you’re on dialysis. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of tasty and healthy food you can enjoy.