Frozen Dialysis Meals


  • Get frozen foods that support kidney health at reasonable prices!
  • No more measuring and weighing!
  • Delicious, healthy, frozen meals
  • Kidney health diet created by dietitians.

Years of creation and inspiration by our chefs, combined with the wisdom of our dietitian, have created these foods that support kidney health just for the person on dialysis. We know you'll enjoy them, and more are being created daily. The kidney health diet meals are delicious while minimizing the sodium, phosphorus and potassium and managing the size of the protein.

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About our Frozen Dialysis Meals

Our online ordering is fast and simple. The dialysis meals are delivered via UPS, and arrive on your doorstep frozen. Heat the meal up and put it on a nice plate for the best dining experience.

Easy to Prepare • Virtually No Clean-Up

Our special packaging goes into the microwave, onto your dinner table and out- no pots or pans to clean!

Delicious, nutritious, convenient dialysis meals from to your table!

Our Guarantee - will provide you with nutritious meals that will tickle your tastebuds. We guarantee our meals and our customer service! Call us toll-free at 1-877-516-2442!