High-Protein Diet Dangerous for Dialysis Patients


Eat more protein. It’s a mantra bodybuilders live by to build muscle. But it’s also the advice of a popular diet trend that can help control weight. The advice: eat more foods high in protein, some healthy fats, and fewer carbs.

That kind of eating plan might work as a weight management tool for some people. But eating too much protein may be dangerous for people on dialysis, according to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Researchers found that a high-protein diet can increase the risk for kidney damage, which would only further complicate health, quality of life and treatment options for people on dialysis.

Lead researcher Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh says following a Dialysis-Friendly eating plan can help manage kidney disease. But not enough healthcare professionals recommend dietary changes to help dialysis patients manage symptoms and minimize complications.

“...Dietary interventions and nutritional therapy may be increasingly chosen as a management strategy for CKD,” says Kalantar-Zadeh, “helping to increase longevity and delaying the need for the onset of dialysis for millions of people worldwide."

Limiting the amount of protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus is important to protect your health when you’re on dialysis.

How much protein should you eat when you’re on dialysis? Nephrology experts recommend 0.55 grams of protein per pound of  bodyweight. So if you’re on dialysis and you weigh 150 pounds, your protein intake per day should be about  82 grams.

When you’re newly diagnosed, it’s easy to think there’s nothing good left to eat. But fortunately, there are lots of healthy and delicious foods you can still enjoy. Some of our popular Dialysis-Friendly meals include Spinach Mushroom Lasagna with Garlic Green Beans, Grilled Pesto Chicken Breast Patty with Carrots and Brussels Sprouts, and the Cheese Omelet, Broccoli & Cinnamon Apples.

Our Dialysis-Friendly menu actually includes 31 different meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They’re all made from fresh ingredients, only take minutes to prepare in the microwave, and make clean-up a breeze.