How to Break Bad Habits


Habits are hard to make and even harder to break. It's time to let go of those bad habits, so you can focus on building good ones. Here are five ways to break your bad habits and have a healthy lifestyle. Read our tips and start the path to a healthier, happier you!

Set Smaller, Measurable Goals

Breaking a bad habit takes time and commitment, and sometimes the improvements are difficult to see. That is why it's important to set smaller, measurable goals so you can track your progress and gain motivation. If you are trying to cut back on caffeine, start by limiting yourself to one cup of coffee a day on the weekends. As you see your progress, you can limit it to one cup on weekdays, too. Setting smaller goals makes your end goal feel more attainable and realistic.

Identify Any Obstacles

Often, bad habits worsen or become more frequent with specific triggers and obstacles. For example, a long and busy workday might trigger you to eat more sweets and skip lunch. Identifying these obstacles can help you prepare for them better. If you have a busy day ahead, prepare lunch the night before. Knowing your obstacles also gives positive reinforcement when you've successfully fought through them.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Motivation comes and goes, so it's important to have other factors that keep you accountable and disciplined. There are many apps available that help you track your progress and send you reminders throughout the day. Reach out to friends or family that have similar goals so that you can work on them together. Not only does this keep you accountable, but it also provides you with extra support and makes things more fun.

Prepare Alternatives

If you're working hard to toss your bad habits, make sure you have healthy alternatives to replace them, whether it's food-related or a new activity. For example, spending less time on social media might give you a lot more free time in the days- if you don't have anything planned, you might feel bored and more inclined to log back on. Plan to go outside, see friends, or finish some work instead.