How to Help the Seniors in Your Community


Old age is a precious time in one’s life. Many seniors choose to live in the comfort of their own homes instead of an old-age or nursing home. However, life can get lonely and challenging, especially if they don’t have family living nearby. Here are some ways that you can help senior citizens in your community.

Spend Time with Them

Socialization is important for everyone, but old age can get lonely, especially if family doesn’t live nearby. Spending some time with the seniors in your community means more to them than you think. Invite them over for coffee or tea, chat with them while in your front garden or on a walk, or take them on a fun excursion. Socialization significantly improves mental health and can further motivate seniors to get outside and get moving. Even if you go for a short walk together, it will improve their mood and physical health!

Ensure their Environment is Safe

If the seniors in your community don’t have family nearby, their homes might not have the necessary safety accommodations installed. Offer to take a look at their homes and install any safety equipment they might find helpful, such as a shower grab bar. Falls are one of the most common causes of injury in old age, so grab bars can help them safely get in and out of the shower. You can also get them monitors that can alert relatives or caretakers if there is an emergency.

Help them with Tasks

Whether it’s landscaping or cooking tonight’s dinner, ask the seniors in your community if they would like some help with their tasks or chores. Even if they don’t need help, a kind gesture never hurts. Offer to help clean their home, do their grocery shopping, or drive them to the shops. Not only will you be helping them, but they will also have some company in the meantime. If you can’t help them, do some research and hire someone who can, whether it’s a painter, cleaner, or electrician.