How to Help Your Partner Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals


Losing weight is no easy goal – it requires long-term commitment and consistency. It’s not as simple as it sounds to suddenly change your habits, eat clean, and exercise daily. Having a supportive partner in one’s weight loss journey helps them feel supported and motivated to stay on track. Here are some tips on how to help your partner lose weight and give them daily weight loss motivation to achieve their goals.

1. Think of Their Diet When Going Out to Eat

Going out to eat can be stressful when you’re trying to lose weight. There often aren’t many healthy, low-calorie food options. As a supportive partner, research the restaurant’s menu beforehand and check there are enough healthy food options that your partner can enjoy. Although one nice meal won’t set them off track, it’s nice to have the choice.

2. Exercise with Your Partner

Nothing makes someone feel more supported and motivated in their weight loss journey than having someone to do it with. You don’t have to lose weight yourself, but you can spend quality time with your partner by going on walks or hikes or signing up for a fun workout class together. It makes exercise more enjoyable, and it’s good for you too!

3. Make Food at Home

Eating at restaurants is a nice treat, but if you’re trying to lose weight, most meals should be cooked at home. Together, research some exciting low-calorie recipes that you can try out and cook them together. Or, if you’re busy or feeling lazy but still want to support your partner’s goals, check out the list of portion-controlled complete meals from

4. Don’t Tempt Them with Unhealthy Foods

Having a partner on a weight loss journey doesn’t mean you have to take part in it, but you also don’t need to parade unhealthy food choices in front of them. Temptation is a challenging part of weight loss, especially if your partner has a sweet tooth or a love for take-out burgers. If you do want to enjoy these foods, try to do it somewhere they can’t see, and don’t keep junk food in the common areas of your home, such as the pantry.

Committing to a weight loss journey requires discipline and lots of effort, but having a supportive partner makes the process so much more motivating and encouraging. Who knows – it may even make your life a little bit healthier!