Would You Rather? Junk Food vs. Healthy Options

You’ve probably heard of the game: Would You Rather? It’s a thing. There’s books, board games, apps, for this, and of course the old-school version, too.

Basically, you put two opposing things together in a question. And you have to decide...Would You Rather….A or B?

Let’s play Would You Rather...junk food vs. healthy food edition!

WOULD YOU RATHER...Eat junk food or snack on healthy food?

New research suggests your answer may be predictable based on the fact that your most primal instincts and conditioning make you crave junk food.

In the study, researchers put 500 people through a test to identify and locate different foods such as apples, brownies, potato chips and cucumber slices.

Guess which foods people could find and remember faster? Yep...The brownies, chips, and treats. They were 27 percent more likely to remember and find the location of these foods in the lab-controlled environment compared to the healthy options.

Why? Researchers believe it’s part science and part conditioning. If you’ve learned junk food gives you a quick fix to satisfy hunger and your sweet tooth, you’re more likely to choose those foods over the healthier options.

The good news...with a little practice you can change that. When you make a change to your diet and reduce or eliminate certain foods, you’ll notice...maybe you will even experience cravings and withdrawals. But if you can stick with it, your appetite, palate and brain will adjust.

WOULD YOU RATHER…live longer and feel better or struggle with weight and other health issues?

When you think about your food choices like that, it’s easy to choose healthy.

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