Laughing May Prevent Age-Related Memory Loss


Lost your keys? Walked into a room only to forget why? Missed an important appointment? It happens. Some memory loss is a normal part of aging. But there are things you can do to prevent age-related memory loss like playing games, completing crossword puzzles, and staying active.

A healthy dose of humor and laughter helps too, according to new research by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. It shares some important health benefits of laughing.

Researchers recognized that memory loss increases with age, and too much stress may further impair brain health. They wanted to find out if laughter could help reduce stress and prevent age-related memory loss.

In the study, researchers measured the stress level of a group of elderly people and gave them a memory test. Then the study participants watched 20-minutes of a funny video. After that, researchers measured stress levels and memory again. They found those who laughed and enjoyed the funny video the most showed the highest reductions in stress. It's an important finding, because studies show that stress contributes to memory loss and brain-related diseases associated with aging.

In addition to preserving and supporting brain health, regular doses of laughter can also help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, protect your heart, and improve your mood. In other words, laughter really is good medicine.

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Watch a laugh-out-loud funny show and enjoy good food at the same time. It's a great way to enjoy your senior years and prevent age-related memory loss.