Can a Low Carb Diet Fight Diabetes?


Sugar. It’s highly addictive…eight times more than cocaine. Oh my goodness (oh my badness?), crunchy subtly sweet graham crackers, rich creamy chocolate, marshmallows roasted to perfection, all smooshed together to form a favorite - oooey, gooey, S’more. That wonderfulness is more addicting than a street drug that fries a person’s brain? Oh, how can it be? Say it isn’t so!

Americans consume way too much sugar and the result is health problems. Type II Diabetes and obesity are two of the issues people face when they eat too many carbohydrates, and sugar is a big offender. Eating a diet high in protein and lower in fat has been proven to aid in weight loss and lowering A1C values,  according to a study done at Duke University in 2009. This, in turn, can allow some with Type II Diabetes to stop taking medication altogether.

There are doctors out there who don’t subscribe to the notion that low carb diets help combat or even “cure” diabetes. They prefer their patients eat a well-balanced meal, to include fruits and vegetables.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is a firm believer in balancing your diet, even including whole grains. In spite of this, the ADA is quick to point out that even healthy foods can lead to weight gain. The selection and how many carbs you choose to eat is critical to managing (or eliminating) diabetes.

It just makes sense that if you reduce the number of carbohydrates to a low enough level,  you are going to lose weight. But let’s face it, there are a ton of nutrients packed in fruits and veggies that our bodies need. Where do you draw the line?

Think eggs, bacon, steaks, chicken, ribs (sans BBQ sauce…use a tasty rub instead) cheese, and for those vegetarians – Tofurky! Protein is actually more filling than foods high in carbohydrates. Below are some great tips for leading a low carb lifestyle.

  1. Take three bites of protein, such as steak or chicken, to one bite of a carbohydrate, like peas or corn.
  2. Chew your food well…put the fork down and really taste your food. It works.
  3. When you need a snack, reach for almonds, string cheese, or some beef jerky.

The answer to the question “Can a low carb diet fight diabetes?” is: Yes! Remember, as you drop those unwanted pounds, your waistline, your wallet, and your A1C levels will thank you! The key to a low carb lifestyle is to stick with it, and don’t give up!

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