Mail Order Meals to your Door chefs use hormone-free chicken and meats, organic vegetables and their expertise to create amazing mail order meals. These meals you can buy online and have mailed to you will tantalize your tastebuds.

Try mail order meals and see if you agree that they are some of the best meals you've ever tasted! They are backed with our Moneyback Guarantee!

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Are Mail Order Meals the Right Choice for You?

Mail order meals are not exactly the typical way or getting home delivery meals. When you want a meal to find you at home or workplace in a hurry, the normal thing is to make a call. Thousands of Americans routinely order meals that way – through our toll free number 1-1-877-516-2442.

But sometimes an email is the easier way to do something, even order a meal. Like when you want to surprise someone with a meal gift and you have a few moments on your phone in the sort of place where making a call may feel uncomfortable or rude. Or when you are online already and it is easier to just send an email.

No worries, you can order a home delivery meal by mail by contacting us.  The beauty of it is that you get to sample the huge menu at your own pace and choose what you really like. You also a look-in into plenty of mail order food ideas from our menu of professional chef prepared meals at

And there is plenty to choose from. Our mail order meals include our entire menu, from main courses, side dishes and soups to breads and desserts. Each meal type also comes with variety. The main courses menu, for example, includes lunch and breakfasts and has everything from meats, poultry and seafood to vegetarian dishes, pasta and appetizers.

Like all other meals, our mail order meals are choice nutritional meals prepared by experienced chefs and then flash frozen – cooled to freezing very rapidly to lock in freshness and flavor by preventing the formation of ice crystals. When the meals reach you, all you do is thaw them and reheat them to your taste. mail order food also includes special diet dishes, like meals specifically made for seniors. Mail order meals for seniors are special low-sodium meals made up of a main course and a side dish, both deliberately done to provide 1/3 of the daily requirement based on a standard 2000 calorie per day diet.

You probably won't want your favorite senior relatives to know this but mail order meals for seniors also come with a discount. For every order of $80, you get a 10% discount. To make it even more convenient, seniors mail order meals are home delivered in special bundles like the other meals. You can choose a family pack or take a bundle for 2, 4 or six people. 

Again as always with meals, mail order meals come with a guarantee. If, unlikely as it is, something happens to the meal and it arrives at your doorstep damaged, you get a replacement free. It won't happen, of course, because UPS delivery guys rarely make a mistake, but we have it covered anyway, just in case. If, even more unlikely, you don't like the meal, will refund your money or replace the meal.

Mail Order Diabetic Meals

Mail order food is our specialty here at Order diabetic food by mail and see for yourself how easy and convenient healthy, delicious meals can be. Check out our menu!

We are committed to enhancing your nutritional health by providing you with supplemental diabetic meals. Our meals for diabetics will assist you in maintaining an adequate nutritional intake to meet the needs for your age and your medical condition(s), especially if you are having difficulties preparing your own meals at home.

By enhancing your nutritional health you will prevent any health deterioration and loss of independence. In other words, this could assist you in maintaining a good quality of LIFE!

We believe that Diabetic Meals are the Perfect Choice! The perfect choice for learning how to eat right; the perfect choice if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol; and the Perfect Choice to help control your weight.

honey mustard chickenWe at Diabetic Meals take pride in creating delicious meals for diabetics that are wholesome and beneficial to your health. Our diet meal plan caterers to your every need. Eating Diabetic Meals allows you to take an active part in designing a healthy life style, with ease and convenience. Our food delivery service staff will always arrive with a friendly smile to lighten your day.

Diabetic Meals are:

  • Delivered directly to your door step
  • Available for purchase online – securely
  • Available for delivery anywhere in the United States
  • Designed by nutrition experts

Who orders mail order food? Smart, Healthy people like you!