Managing Your Time Better with Diabetes


Finding enough time in the day to do your regular tasks is difficult enough without managing your diabetes. However, just like every other priority in life, diabetes management requires some planning and organization to fit into your busy schedule. Here are some easy time management tips to help you organize yourself better with diabetes.

1. Write it Down

With so much going on daily, it’s almost impossible to remember everything that you need to do. However, staying on top of your health and diabetes management is non-negotiable. Instead of just thinking about your plans, write them down somewhere, whether it’s a physical planner or your online calendar. Schedule your time to take medication, measure your blood sugar levels, and meal prep for the week.

2. Find a Support Group

Whether you’re a procrastinator or just have days when you feel lazy and unmotivated, having a support group is beneficial for finding that motivation and being held accountable. If you have some healthcare tasks to do, call a friend who may also have been putting them off and complete everything together. Even if someone is just in the room with you, it helps you stay on track.

3. Make Diabetes Management Enjoyable

If you make your diabetes management more enjoyable, it won’t feel like so much of a dreaded chore. For example, play your favorite music while meal prepping, tidy up your space and light a candle while organizing your medication, or reward yourself with some self-care after completing medical paperwork.

4. Set a Timer

You can only focus for so long – after that, tasks start to drag out and take far longer than necessary. Instead of trying to complete tasks with no finish line in sight, set a timer for each one. If you know how long it takes you to sort your medical supplies, for example, then set a timer for that length of time. This will create a sense of urgency to beat the clock, so you don’t drag those tasks out. You’ll be relieved when you finish, knowing you have the rest of the day to relax.